(London) The sources of inspiration for stylists are sometimes surprising, as London Fashion Week once again showed on Sunday. The Ukrainian Masha Popova turned to huge Monster trucks, while the Londoner Sinead Gorey delved into British culture.

At Masha Popova, the skirts are mini, the waist is always low, and the jeans are even low-cut on the hips.

The Ukrainian designer, known for her “obsession with handling denim”, has once again worked with this material. This time, the denim is dyed, washed, worn, scuffed or made into patchwork to give it a “tough”, “strong” look.

The collection entitled “Monster” refers to Monster trucks, these 4X4 vehicles with oversized wheels. The “electrifying color palette” right down to the hair of some models recalls the flashy bodies of these machines. The skinny models (with the exception of a single plus-size model) parade to the rhythm of techno music punctuated by the roar of an engine.

The Ukrainian designer counted among her distinguished guests the cream of TikTok, the social network superstar Abby Roberts, followed by more than 16 million people, or her sister Charlotte Roberts, who has nearly 9 million subscribers, up to ‘to fashion content creator and model Emma Winder.

Although not a fan of “double denim” (understanding outfits entirely made of denim), Emma Winder really appreciated the tones and the “earthy” appearance given to the clothes, she confided to AFP at the release of parade.

Chinese Susan Fang created her brand in 2017, just after graduating from Central Saint Martins University in London. Since then, she has made dresses with a light appearance thanks to airy textiles, her trademark.

For spring and summer 2024, she hung large white kite wings above the parade models: they represent “human civilization and emotions”, next to a character, “a cold robot », also made of white sails.

It offers dresses and skirts made with tulle ruffles. Its black, pale pink or cream skirts, which reach below the knee, are worn with simple bralettes that barely cover the chest.

The designer also designed a skirt made entirely of pearls, which falls in fringe at the ankles.

On the feet, summer sandals are worn with socks marked with the initials “SF”.

The most spectacular piece is a dress made from 600 handmade bead trees, mostly by Chinese minority women. Susan Fang wanted to create “an ensemble resembling the tree of life, radiating the pure energy of human life.”

Among the models, a woman with a prosthesis in place of her right leg parades in a short skirt.

Londoner Sinead Gorey is one of the latest designers to arrive on the fashion show calendar. With her energetic and colorful collection called “British Summer of Love”, she pays homage to British culture.

The Union Jack returns on many pieces, including high-heeled boots, like those worn by the Spice Girls in the 90s. Kate Moss appears on pants.

On a form-fitting black top and dress, it says “London swings! Again! » (It’s party time in London! Again!). Another slogan: “God save the sexy and glamourous”, in reference to the Sex Pistols.

It’s a collection for girls who don’t take themselves seriously and who aren’t afraid to wear short skirts to go party.

The parades continue on Sunday with Erdem.