We make very good wines in Quebec, but in very small volumes. A few good Quebec wines are available at the SAQ; here are three. Many more still are at good grocers, in restaurants and wine shops. The best way to find them? Meet them in the vineyards this summer!

Vignoble de l’Orpailleur acquired Union Libre in 2021; 2022 is the first vintage vinified under his supervision. Despite the proximity of the two estates to Dunham, their terroirs are very different and offer a whole new range of expressions to the Orpailleur team. UL Rosé 2022 is a blend of 75% Seyval Noir and 25% Sainte-Croix. Its color is surprising, rather orange, coppery and quite sustained. Then its nose charms us, aromatic, very fruity, with notes of raspberry, currant, jujube. Dry and light, it offers a simple and supple palate, but with the same fruity burst. Its screw cap and lightweight bottle make it an ideal companion for a picnic. Serve chilled with a salad of spinach and strawberries, watermelon and feta, grilled salmon with mango salsa.

In the south of Montérégie and Quebec, the Hemmingford region enjoys one of the most favorable climates for growing vines in Quebec. It is here that Les Bacchantes make honest, honest and authentic wines. The vines are worked organically (not certified) and the vinifications are meticulous. The B1 is mainly a blend of Seyval, with Vidal and Frontenac blanc. The nose is pretty, very fruity, but also very fine, with notes of pear, honeydew melon and apricot. A short aging on lees gives it volume in the mouth, roundness, but the whole is carried by a lot of freshness and vitality, and delicate bitterness brings depth to the finish. To be enjoyed with a salmon burger, cream chicken pasta, macaroni and cheese.

The Du Temple-Quirion family cultivates vines in an exemplary manner in Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur, in the Richelieu valley, while being one of the largest wine producers in Quebec. In this cuvée, the Vidal grape variety dominates, supplemented with Seyval. This French hybrid, until recently mainly recognized for its role in ice wines, deserves more and more respect in our Nordic vineyards, and gives wines with an assertive fruity character. The Classic 2022 offers an exuberant and very fruity nose, typical of Vidal, with accents of apricot and pineapple, butter and peach yogurt. The mouth is round, full of ripe and juicy fruit, but also fresh and tonic. Dry and light, with ripe fruit and lots of freshness, this is a wine that perfectly reflects its terroir. Perfect for a lobster feast!