Liverpool Football club reverses its decision to send employees home with pay from the state in the country.

Liverpool drop to use the uk government’s compensation scheme for companies under pressure as a result of coronakrisen.

It has the club reported on its website Monday evening.

the Message from the club is a bit of a volte-face since the Liverpool first tried to send all his employees home with 80% pay from the state last week. The club announced Saturday that it will pay the remaining 20 percent of the players salary, so they will not lose wages during the crisis.

This apologize klubdirektør Peter Moore now.

“We believe that we came to the wrong conclusion last week, when we announced that we would apply for funding from the scheme, and we are very sorry,” says Moore in a statement on the website.

It led to fierce criticism, even from former top players such as Jamie Carragher and Stan Collymore.

‘All due respect and kindness is lost,’ writes Carragher on Twitter.

at the Top of the article, you can see what he thinks about the club has changed their decision

‘I don’t know any Liverpool fans who don’t want anything other than loathing for the decision. It is just wrong,’ writes Collymore on Twitter.

Also, the fans have expressed massive dissatisfaction with the way to approach the situation depends on, and the club draws now in the country.

English football is postponed indefinitely due to coronakrisen. A reduction in wages with the players in the best league on the 30 percent is also on the table.

the Premier League is missing to complete the nine game rounds to complete the season.

currently tops the Liverpool sovereign Premier League with 82 points and has 25 points down to Manchester City, in second place is noted for a battle are fewer.

the Fighting in the ranks below the Premier League and the FA Cup is also postponed for an indefinite time.