“Live Journal”, included in the Rambler Group, has launched a new mobile app for iOS and extends the functionality in the app for the Android OS. Now millions of stories of authors LJ will become more accessible, said “the” the press service of the Rambler Group.

The design of the new app LiveJournal has become more minimalistic, and control is simple and straightforward. Swipe right and left to switch between posts in the feed, the ranking and recommendations of the edition of LJ.

The new app can search their records for the entire archive LiveJournal — more than 1.5 billion records. Full-text search makes it easy to find favorite author in his username, posts with specific tags or just read, what is now, the authors write, following popular hashtags.

For authors in the Appendix appeared designer posts. It allows you to quickly and easily write a post with text, photos, and videos. Each item in the record now presented as a separate card, so the user no longer need to scroll the whole post to late to edit it. Cards can be swapped by pressing and holding, and remove by pulling upwards. Published in the mobile app text will appear on the desktop in the usual format.

The new LiveJournal app can also save records as a draft, and work on the post on various devices: for example, start in the mobile app, and continue in a browser. A draft will be saved automatically, even if the smartphone or tablet is not connected to the Internet.

App learn now has become more comfortable for prompt communication and allows to reduce the distance between author and audience. Users can now communicate in private messages to discuss the post tete-a-tete with the author, or simply to correspond with interested person.

Have also become available and instant push notifications about new posts, comments and reactions of readers — this allows you to follow their blog and to communicate in real-time anywhere in the world, without changing the usual pace of life. Users will also receive notifications tips “reading material” from reference system LJ, which takes into account their interests and introduces new authors.

Download the new app at Google Play and AppStore.

“The team is "a Living Magazine" is in the process of product changes to improve user experience. We have gone from a standard perception of the blogging platform and adapted processes to create new records and manage the blog for the latest trends, including social platforms. Now LiveJournal is a mobile and convenient service, taking into account the dynamics of modern life. New functionality extends the exchange of information between authors and their readers and makes the PA��otoo content on different devices even faster,” — said General Director of Rambler&Co Maxim Tadevosyan.

“In the new version of the application we have considered all the most important points, enabling to improve user experience — instant alerts about audience reaction, personal messaging for live communication. In addition, a real know-how became the editor of the posts, which helped us to solve the problem of creating a mobile application long texts. While we managed to maintain a traditional pattern of reading and to connect it with familiar navigation, which is widely used in social networks. I’m proud of the LiveJournal team, which managed to radically revise the approach to the design of interfaces, focusing on user needs, and offer them a truly comfortable and attractive decision,” — said the head of LiveJournal Natasha Aref’eva.