Likiernik: the pandemic is likely to host the world Cup 2020 little

Alexander Rafailovich, question all, not even fans of figure skating interest. The world championship in Montreal was not held for obvious reasons. How do you feel about the incessant suggestions that he could be held in October?

Photo: Ruslan shamukov/RIA Novosti Government of St. Petersburg will not refuse to host matches of Euro-2020

Alexander Likiernik: Judging by the situation, it is not very likely. The final decision of Council ISU wanted to take next week on April 16. We hold meetings on video, met this way last week.

You so many years in figure skating. What I will say: it is necessary to hold the championship in the fall – not worth it?

Alexander Likiernik: you Can argue long on this subject, but it’s all talk about nothing. Because we deal with not only Armenia, but the situation with coronavirus infection. And, judging by the way it develops, the chances of the world championship very little. Athletes prepare for the championship is difficult: while no one is riding, and when you start to ride, no one knows.

By what criterion will be selected skaters to the world Championships 2021?

Alexander Likiernik: so March 2021. Selection – on the provisions of the rules. Now the principle is this: there are countries, like ours, who have the right on three, two, one participant in each program. It will be necessary to discuss what will be taken into consideration. Whether the results of the world Cup-2019, or other – and what criteria. Also not very natural to determine the composition of 2021 to what it was in 2019. This question has a right to be, it is necessary to discuss separately, to understand the criteria. While no one subject is not affected. Will reshayou, as the English say, step by step.

Clear: step by step. And if the ISU Congress? They are held annually and important. Especially if they accept changes in the rules of figure skating. This year’s Congress in Thailand was canceled. What’s next? Or is it about nothing?

Photo: Alexey Filippov/RIA Novosti Polkhovsky will be the main coach of Russian national team on biathlon

Alexander Likiernik: Why? This is just about. Congress deferred to 2021. There are financial arrangements that are comfortable for ISA, and for the participating countries. If the situation does not work out at some very sad scenario, it will be where it’s supposed to.

This election Congress?

Alexander Likiernik: No, the election in 2022.

Maybe it’s not one of the leaders of the major international sports federations. But after reading reports of some foreign Newspapers, just furious. Our famous skater Alexander Stepanov, winner in dancing with Ivan Bukin, confused with a namesake, Alexandra Stepanova of athletics and was accused of doping. Real slander, and why should you be?

Alexander Likiernik: And from what some media writes that is not clear? We each can get into the Internet, to throw anything, and others pick it up. All became possible: to offend anyone, to denigrate and then even with all the evidence not to apologize. Can’t understand it. What’s the professionalism? At least see where the figure skating, but where is track and field.

Judging by how the pandemic is evolving, chance to host the world Cup in 2020 very little

And finally, is it true that to be a big change in pRavil figure skating?

Alexander Likiernik: most of them will not be what will be. Because two of the Technical Committee ISU – dance and synchronized skating – took action: all the main points, moving from last year to this. Will not change the rhythm of the dance will remain the same as last season. Will not change balanced program in synchronized skating. In single and pair skating will be what is written in the book of rules. That is, there is one jump is changed to another. This happens every year. And all that will be in next season, it became known two years ago. In addition, changes literally the minimum, a penny.

Clear. You know, in recent years, figure skating came to an unprecedented peak of popularity. And here is an unexpected blow.

Alexander Likiernik: No such impact was not planned. Of course, sorry. And we’re especially: figure skating is a favorite sport. But still the skaters will return to the ice.

come on.

Star Duo

the Repeated prize-winners of the European Championships and the world Grand Prix in dances on ice Alexander Stepanov and Ivan Bukin called perhaps the most beautiful couple in the world of figure skating.

Photo: RIA Novosti Yelena Isinbayeva entered the athletes Commission vfla

a Beautiful and handsome guys for 13 years performing together. Note that Ivan’s father – the Olympic champion, famous Soviet figure skater Andrei Bukin.

Trained Duo of two professional dancers – Alexander Svinin and Irina Zhuk.

In March of this year Stepanova and Bukin with updated rhythm of the dance was to represent our country at the world Championships in Montreal. Alas, the championship was cancelled due to pandemic coronavirus. Recently in an interview “RG” guys once admitted that thisthe creation of the world Champions they will be small. Dream about Olympic “gold”!