In Arbat district will hold a renovation of the library named after Dobrolyubov. About it reported in a press-service of the Committee for pricing policy in construction and state examination of projects (Moskomekspertiza).

“the State Autonomous institution of Moscow “Moscow state expertise” (the Moscow panel), under the Moskomekspertiza, reports on the harmonization of project documentation for the object “Capital repair of the premises GBUK of Moscow “CBS TSAO” Library №3 named Dobrolyubov” to the address: street New Arbat 30/9, Arbat district, Central administrative district of Moscow”, – stated in the message.

As explained by the head of Mosgosekspertizy Anna Yakovleva, the library traces its history back to the mid-nineteenth century, and 100 years later she got a new room next to the Smolenskaya square. “Now one of the oldest libraries of Moscow is located in the corner of the first floor of an apartment building built in 1950 on an individual project. Recently experts Moscow panel agreed on a set of works on repair and modernization of engineering systems of premises”, – explained the head of the expert Department.

It is clarified that the works will be performed a partial repair of the facade: update rusticated plaster and smooth plaster, granite base. Planned renovation of the visor. Also will replace Windows and doors.

“In the framework of internal operations provides for the strengthening and restoration of painting and monumental painting in the interior, and the preservation of valuable elements of interiors, including chandeliers, floors “terrazzo”, moulded and shaped the decor and the overall composition of the interiors of the public areas. Will also repair existing wooden bookshelves made of solid oak, cabinets and informational wall panels”, – noted in press service.

Also planned full replacement of the power supply system, partial replacement of water supply and sanitary equipment with piping layout of Sewerage system. In order to repair the heating system provides for the installation of new heating devices connections thereto, and valves in the existing scheme. Provides for the upgrade of ventilation equipment, as well as automation and control of active fire protection.

“the Project includes a list of measures to ensure unhindered access to the premises of the library citizens of the small mobility. Entrance lobby equipped with visual and tactile information, organize routes of transportation and evacuation in the zone of service. Part of the building will be equipped with tools designed to facilitate visitors should be displayed�� in rooms, acoustic devices and media designed to assist persons with visual impairments and also for duplication of visual information in the most critical areas,” – said Anna Yakovleva.