The restaurant Les Deux Fours, located on rue Bélanger, recently reopened its doors after being closed for a year and a half, which gave it a facelift. Leather banquettes, inviting colors and decor with golden accents, enhanced with Huaco statuettes, now recall the sun of Peru, the country of origin of the Briones family, owner of the establishment.

“The goal of the new design was to bring that warm side of Peru to Montreal,” says Moïse Briones, who took over the reins of the restaurant opened by his father 19 years ago (and whose brother, Josué, is behind the Barranco and Nikkei restaurants). Even though it is Moïse who now manages the menu and takes over the running of the restaurant, his father is still behind him, he laughs.

The menu, which combines Peruvian and Italian cuisines, has been greatly simplified, especially with regard to the choice of pizzas. But it’s still the same homemade dough and the wood-fired oven has also returned to service, as has the charcoal oven that is used to cook the famous pollo a la brasa — this Peruvian-style marinated and roasted chicken that has made the success of the restaurant over the years.

“Everything is cut by hand, everything is made fresh like at home. We really want to keep this tradition, insists Moïse Briones. My father’s recipes, I want to keep them and I train the cooks so that they can follow what he taught me. »

A bar has also been added to the restaurant with the aim of making people discover cocktails based on pisco, this Peruvian eau-de-vie still too little known, in his opinion. The restaurant is currently open every day in the evening, but it is not excluded that it may open for lunch.