Vleteren is The coronacrisis leaves its traces in the to the animal shelter to The rays of the sun in Oostvleteren. Since the 13th of march the park is closed to visitors, and that means that there is no income. But every week, there is something for 1.800 euro in animal feed is needed. “There was a little nest egg for 20 days. That is, it is nearly empty, sigh, controller Charles Ackaert, who are the hope of the donations herself.

as The rays of the sun in Oostvleteren is a not-for-profit organization providing refuge for abandoned and neglected and non-native wild animals that cannot go back to nature. The park is currently home to 350 animals of 120 species. The coronacrisis, and the conclusion, since the 13th of march, which is associated with them, have been a disaster for The rays of the sun. “At the moment we are doing it with three people, it is the work of ten people. We are currently temporarily out of work. I know I have no idea how these months are going to come through. Our animal visitors. That’s it now no longer has have a huge impact on us,” says the person responsible Charles Ackaert.

Dansbeer it Should be

“Our animals have already been through hell and gone. Our beer Should be, for example, have been used as a dansbeer. She had on an electric plate to which voltage is to be set. As the current was increased, she was active in dancing. After the ban on the dansberen in public places, it was Nevertheless sold to a hotel owner. There she lived together with a brown bear, She is in a tiny concrete cage of 2 feet to 7 feet, at a hotel in the country. It was here that she didn’t care and was to enter the surplus of the property. No water to wash himself, doesn’t have a tree to climb, no grass to walk or to draw, to dig, or just a floor full of feces,” says Charles. “We will do everything in our power to give them a good future. Our animals are also victims and that they have not asked for it.”