Well, it’s not exactly a bar, but more of a bistro. Or let’s say a restaurant, with a nice drinks menu. But who cares, because it’s still his name, and it sounds pretty cute.

Le Bellerive, alias the “Buvette du Far Est”, is therefore the new haunt of a district that has hitherto been rather underserved in this area. It’s not us who say it, but its founder, none other than Simon Jodoin-Bouchard, known as Simon de l’Est, to whom we already owe the popular urban canteen Chez Simon, a few blocks away. , still rue Hochelaga.

“We are in Tétreaultville, there is not much in Tétreaultville! Hence his surprise, at the opening in mid-February, in the middle of winter, in front of the “line-up over line-up”. “It was unmanageable!” »

However, it was about time. “The neighborhood needed this kind of business, there are a lot of families moving here, it’s still buyable!” Rest assured, the team has since organized itself, set up a reservation system (Libro), which is also “highly recommended” if you intend to show up.

To taste what, exactly? People come here to drink a good beer (friends from Messorem Bracitorium, Brasserie du Bas-Canada, Noctem Artisans Brasseurs or Dieu du Ciel!, among others), a signature cocktail (special mention at Negroni du jardinier, based on Quebec gin, of course), or natural wine (even if that’s not exactly his thing, Simon made sure to have a great menu of whites, reds and oranges).

To be eaten, the menu, imagined by the self-taught and no less gourmet restaurateur, in the company of his friends Laurent Bélisle and Troy Glasssey-Genereux in the kitchens, offers dishes typical of this type of establishment, reinvented in all simplicity, with a je-ne-sais-quoi of coming back to it: chicken wings (and their breadcrumbs “that taste like the Chinese buffet of our childhood”), ramen tantanmen (in broth made with only four ingredients, with be mistaken) or beet tartare (inspired by Greek cuisine). Always at affordable prices (from around $12 a dish, same for cocktails).

Everything is cheerfully spiced, it goes without saying. Let’s not forget that Simon first made a name for himself with his barbecue sauces and spices (S. J. B. BBQ), which can no doubt be found here and there in his dishes or cocktails (he won’t tell us everything!). Regularly, we also offer themed menus (surf’n’turf, steakhouse evening or, why not osso buco), “on the inspiration of the moment”. And good news: next summer, we are finally promised a little freshness, with tartars, ceviches and other tatakis to come.

Note that the room has about forty seats. And yes, despite the off-putting work in the street, a terrace will welcome customers outside during the summer!

Open Wednesday to Saturday, from 4 p.m. (3 p.m. on Saturday).