When I make films, things start from me. I put my wounds, my traumas, the anecdotes of my life. I grew up on renovations and I’m a freak on decorating shows. If I was told that I was going to die in two weeks, the only two TV stations I would listen to all the time are Casa and Canal Vie. Bungalow’s characters are extensions of who I am. I wanted to meet what I like about TV and what I like about cinema. The main causes of separation among couples are renovations, the desire – or not – to have children and debt. In Bungalow, we have all three. I was inspired by all the things I have experienced or seen. In making A Nearly Perfect Supper for six years, I’ve walked into 175 different homes!

I have known Guillaume since his years at the National Theater School and he played in Score, one of my short films. He has been there since the start of the project. For the character of Sarah, which is very inspired by myself, Sonia auditioned. Even if Sarah is an intense and dominant woman who uses psychological violence, Sonia immediately brought a very crystalline, very fragile, very delicate side. She brought nuances that I do not have. In everyday life, I always seem to be overacting my own life in a summer theater. Sonia was able to make people believe in the character. As the decor is very garish, the actors had to not overdo it.

I say rather that I make fusion cinema. I can’t really fit into a box. I myself am a completely crazy fuckée, I have ADHD, I do not manage myself, I cook everything broil, and my cinema looks like me. I have lots of ideas, like an all dressed extra bacon pizza, I swear it all in there telling myself that it will work. My approach is not at all intellectual. I follow my instincts, my desires.

We are coming to a time when it is as if it were new to talk about diversity. We are campaigning for the iel, non-binarity and transgender, but I, a bisexual woman whose films often talk about male-female dualities, I have always claimed my bisexuality in my private life and in my cinema, even at a time where it was very frowned upon. Today, we want to know if an artist has a mental health diagnosis, what their sexual orientation is, if they have aboriginal roots or if they are disabled, and we write diversity into forms. If it’s become fashionable, well I’m going to flash it, my diversity!

Yes, because society has long been patriarchal, too white, too little attentive to natives and minorities. There, we are living in a period where we are looking for the other extreme. Personally, I find that for funding applications, projects should be submitted anonymously.

That’s wonderful ! I want to infiltrate the system while keeping my style. I don’t want to be swallowed or formatted. When I make television, I am at the service of the machine and when I make cinema, I want the structure to serve my own machine. My bet is to come up with something different. I would like my auteur cinema to also speak to the public of An Almost Perfect Supper.