lower Saxony wants to protect tenants in the future, before the derelict apartment blocks and dilapidated apartments in which often to a lot of people will be billeted. The government on Tuesday submitted the law provides that rental housing will in future have to meet a certain minimum standard.

do not Keep black sheep among the landlords to the rules could face heavy fines and in the worst case, the evacuation of the building. “Tenants have in the future a much greater Chance to fight back against landlords of scrap real estate,” said construction Minister, Olaf Lies (SPD) on Tuesday.

apartments will be declared uninhabitable and sealed

In the draft law, the Parliament still needs to agree to, provided for, among other things, sufficient natural light and ventilation as a minimum. An apartment must also have a power and water connection as well as heating and sanitary equipment, all in working condition. Also courtyards and children’s play areas on the property will need to meet future minimum standards. Which is hardly a tenant knows… Our PDF guide to inform you about your rights and obligations as a tenant and explains to brake the Rental price.To the PDF guide

a landlord does not comply with the requirements, can commit to the community by arrangement. Provides for a fine of up to 50,000 Euro. In the extreme case, the housing can also be declared uninhabitable and sealed. Then it should be the responsibility of the landlord, the residents at their own expense otherwise accommodate.

there is No place for exploitation by a tenant

in addition to the structural minimum requirements the law should also regulate the occupancy density of rental housing. Often, housing is overcrowded and it is completely excessive Rent would be required, which will then be taken over by the social services Department or the Jobcentre, said Read. “The more than questionable business model of the Overcrowding we make with the law on the streets.” For the exploitation of tenants by shady landlords there should be no space. (Display)

apartments, houses and commercial objects.

here you will Find the right property

the Background of the legislative initiative were Read to the States in two Delmenhorst multi-family homes, “which are still in the worst memory”, so. Landlord took care of the building and not diverted the money for operating costs of the municipal utility. In the result, the Gas and water supply had been cut off and tenants had to be supplied with water from the hydrant.

The town was able to have a watch in the absence of a legal hand idly, and not against, the breach of Duty approach. “In order to be final,” said the construction Minister. “Such States, we want to see in lower Saxony, and you will not tolerate.” The time of your appointment you can decide whether you want your dream apartment to get FOCUS Online/Wochit the time of your appointment you can decide whether you want your dream apartment to get masks sew it yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide on FOCUS Online/News5 masks sew it yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide