The Los Angeles Lakers are just not able to get their act together and they’re almost out of time.

The franchise that assembled a veteran-laden roster to chase another ring last fall has had virtually nothing go right this season.

The Lakers are now in ninth place in Western Conference after their 117–110 loss to Spurs Monday night. They are closer to missing the 10-team playoffs

They aren’t giving up on Hollywood: Coach Frank Vogel and James both insist that there’s still time to get Davis healthy, Westbrook to find his game, and for the Lakers to regain their collective peak.

James stated last week that “we still have games to win,” after the Lakers lost to Dallas at home. “

However, every setback and loss underscores that the Lakers’ hopes of winning an 18th championship are far from real. Since Jan. 7, a roster featuring four members of the NBA 75th Anniversary Team is now 7-17.

No one knows where to place the blame for this mess of mediocrity. Not even the Lakers’ front offices, which haven’t fired Vogel yet.

Past Lakers legends are ashamed by the current state the franchise is in. “Winning Time,” a dramatization of LA’s exciting championship teams of 1980s, started airing last weekend.

James Worthy was a star on the Showtime Lakers and recently called the current team “the walking dead” for their lacklustre passion during yet another loss. Shaquille Ol’Neal boasted that he wouldn’t have accepted the current situation.

Shaq stated, “I’m losing with the Clippers. Someone is getting beat up that evening in the locker room.”

These past two games are a reflection of the frustration and inconsistency which have defined LA’s season. James led the Lakers to with a 124-116 win over Golden State. He scored 56 points, tied for third in his 19-year NBA career. But then he was left with knee soreness that he had to sit out the loss at San Antonio.

The Lakers lost against the Spurs without the services of their two most valuable players. This happened on the two-month anniversary from the last time they had won consecutive games.

“I feel like everything happens when we gain momentum,” Westbrook stated, shaking his head. “

Westbrook is right: Of all the Lakers’ questionable personnel decisions in the last 16 months, the most disastrous was relying upon Davis to keep them healthy.

Davis, the star forward, is not able to sustain his gangly body or awkward movement. However, he has been sidelined for much of the past 2 seasons and undercut all the Lakers’ goals.

After missing the 2020-21 Lakers regular season due to injuries, and then again in the playoffs with another injury, Davis missed 17 games with a sprained leg. There’s a possibility that he won’t be back at all this season.

Although Davis missed 27 of the 64 Lakers games last season, James was also less consistent than usual and has only played in 20 games this year with Westbrook — just five since Dec. 17.

The Lakers used 32 starting lineups due to their star injuries. They are currently starting Austin Reaves.

“It changes many things when you have some of your main men out,” Westbrook said. His first year as a member of his hometown team was a disaster. But, Westbrook believes that he can stick with it and hope that other guys will make the change. “

The 2017 NBA MVP is shooting poorly, and is struggling to fit alongside James. Westbrook’s 15.9 shots per games are his lowest since 2009-10. However, his attempts to play team basketball isn’t translating to wins.

Pau Gasol was the victim of frustration among Lakers fans during their last season, when they had to live up to their expectations. Westbrook has been the primary scapegoat for the Lakers’ disappointment in 2013.

“It’s just really unfortunate, and it is super upsetting for me,” Westbrook stated. “

There is one thing that might suggest the Lakers can make something out of this terrible season. It’s the name at the top. James, 37, has only missed the playoffs once since 2005 and when he’s healthy, he’s near the peak his incredible talents.

“Even though it’s struggled, they will be able to figure out how,” Clippers coach Tyronn Lute said. He’s always come out on top.

Lue said, “I know that a lot people consider the Lakers to be out of the picture, but they’re still an excellent team.” “