KV Oostende is Not only a push for Marc Coucke, according to KV Oostende, have their own buyer, by, also, the kustploeg in the case of the 6.2 million is in question, “This is too crazy for words”, you hear the sound of the sea.

Bet on the negotiations between the prospective purchaser, Pacific Media Group and Alychlo, the company of Marc Coucke, is in addition to the stadionhuur still, the alleged mountain of debt of 6.2 million euros. In an amount that, UNTIL the fiercely contested, even if there was an installment plan from 700,000 pounds a year. As the new majority shareholder would, T however, the full amount must be paid, which is the acquisition of quite a bit of the ramp down.

UNTIL the blame Coucke, more than ever, that is the amount that results from ‘self-dealing’. Thus, the Anderlecht chairman, according to them, some of the non-regulatory measures for the established order that he might be with Peter, There was still a buyer was found – for-Coucke is necessary in order to Anderlecht at the start, to be able to go. That is 6.2 million euros, and contains, according to Ostend, among others, the 800,000 stadionhuur that Coucke, as the owner of the UNTIL itself has not been paid to… the sa at the Stadium. In addition, it was to Ostend now with a makelaarsvergoedingen for the return of, among others, Marusic, Jordan Lukaku and Dimata, at a time when the disk drives that are transferbedragen, however, to Alychlo have been paid.