Kosachev explained why the West has rejected the resolution on the refusal of sanctions

recall that the resolution was made in the development of the call of the UN Secretary-General A. Guterres for the lifting of economic bans in a situation threatening the population of the planet of the pandemic, which is most affected country with disabilities in the field of medicine and access to medicines. In addition to the generally difficult economic situation in these States, Western reprisals will not only add to the problems their population, but just kill. In particular, Venezuela has already stated that because of the financial and economic blockade of the US economy suffers losses of $116 billion frozen in Western Bank accounts of at least $30 billion. Can be procured drugs, medical equipment and many other vital goods.

Antonio Guterres, calling to cancel the murderous sanctions, said: “this is no time to isolate – time to show solidarity”.

Photo: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti the Duma criticized the West’s refusal to lift the sanctions because of the coronavirus

However, the world once again showed who puts their desire to dictate to other countries and peoples above any solidarity and their war with the international dissent’s fight against the global threat.

for More visual confirmation of complete loss of the West primarily moral leadership in the world, as they say, and difficult to imagine. And if the US sanctions are finally replaced foreign policy (all the maneuver space is reduced, in fact, the threat, use, or promise to lift economic blackmail against sovereign States after the change there policy or even the authorities), and for Ukraine’s and Georgia’s anti-Russian measures were a substitute for the national idea, for EU countries blind support of the American positions – another a blow to its international subjectivity and authority. Over the last ten years, European companies paid the largest fines for violating us sanctions – a total of 83% of the total amount of fines imposed by the United States. But Euro-Atlantic solidarity of Europeans won solidarity from mankind.

it Seems that Western countries transform themselves into planetary outcasts, although the opposite used to speak on behalf of the “international community.” However, in a situation when it was necessary to show humanism and the willingness to help the weaker, selfish block the prevailing thinking.