Scandalous details around the upcoming match multiplied the last two days with incredible speed. Once it became known that the six key players of the Donetsk team howled identified COVID-19 and they, along with the rest of the team went to the quarantine, the question arose about the upcoming game in the arena “fischt.” Rostov offered to carry her on July 19, however, Barca flatly disagreed, citing too dense calendar of events.

on the Eve of the representatives of the parties exchanged not too harmless replicas, dominated by the snide words of head coach Valery Karpin that “the winner of the competition of “fair play of the year” in RPL is already defined.”

And today, when it became clear about the need for a match (otherwise Rostovites will be forfeited) ex-midfielder of the national team of the country on the question of who will take the field made his next catch phrase: “I don’t know anything. We’re not, then understand? We are in a “prison” sitting. Who’s going to play, I don’t know.”

No less discussion in social networks has also provoked discussion of the application arrived the day of the game in the resort city of “Rostov”: it was listed as required under the rules of 18 players. Though their age was… from 16 to 19 years. Moreover, none of them had never left the field in the highest national division. It was also found that matches off the bench to lead the senior coach of the youth team of “Rostov” Zaurbek Tedeev.

However, in the opening stages expected to be an easy walk for the hosts is failed. Moreover, released absolutely without trembling at the knees young and daring Rostov is at 52 seconds of the fight was organized by a dashing attack, after taking the lead. It’s on the right corner of the penalty area Danil Khromov deftly handled the ball and rolled it into the penalty to Roman Romanov, the 17-year-old midfielder drilled a shot past dzhanaeva – 0:1, 1 minute.

And the young guests at the first opportunity tried to rush to the gate of a stranger, and a considerable number of players. That, however, they once summed up: residents organized a quick attack – Bridge led one-on-one with the goalkeeper Kokorin, who exactly laid the ball in right from the goalkeeper of “Rostov” Denis Popov goal – 2:1, 15 minutes. Residents battled back in the fifth minute, when not very strong impact of the Bridge defender Abramov sent the ball into the own net.

Then 17-year-old goalkeeper caught the spirit, reflecting the 11-meter performed Zabolotniy and another dozen shots of “leopard”. Alas, then Dennis is still wrong, missing easy shot Kokorin in the 44th minute – 3:1. And then Zabolotny held another ball in the opponent’s goal with 4:1 45 min. Just to the end of the half, different class of opponents was not to hide the charge in the fight…

Which is clearly manifested in the second half when very quickly the second time scored Zabolotny (47th minute) and Kokorin (51st minute) scored a hat or three, bringing the score to devastating – 6:1. Soon Novoseltsev scored another goal – 7:1, 53 min.

But the residents decided not to stay: the Snake in the 75th minute from a distance shot into the top corner of the don gate – 8:1, and then held another ball – 9:1, 85 minutes, and the Wizards scored again -10:1. This is the biggest victory in the history of all lotteries of the Russian Premier League.

it was a joyful game, which, no doubt, will go down in history of Russian football (in what quality – will show time). Well, young players of “Rostov” it is necessary to wish very much not to get upset. Today, they fought very very well against such a powerful opponent. And reproaches in anything in the address does not deserve.