The room-that and the fact basketlegende Kobe Bryant in april 2016, and while his last NBA game used, it has more than 33,000, the $ 29.778 euros) to pay at an auction. That auction Iconic Auctions on Sunday will be announced. It is an icon of the LA Lakers came in at the end of January to be with his daughter Gianna to be killed in a helicopter crash.

The white of the towel, with one of the co-sponsors of the entertainment district, which was bought for just 33.077, $ 16. Jeff Woolf, president of Iconic Auctions, and showed it on CNN, knowing that the buyer already has a very large collection of Lakers items available. “The buyer is a die-hard fan of the Lakers. In the long term, he wants to be in a museum set up in the area of South Carolina.”

Bryant, who the Lakers five-time NBA champion, was adopted on 13 april 2016, and a farewell to the NBA after the 101-96 victory against the Utah Jazz. The ‘Black Mamba’ was done in that game, but no less than 60 points. With the conscious of the towel around his shoulders and gave him after the party, the famous afscheidsspeech, which ended with the famous words “Mamba Out”.

for More on Kobe Bryant’s Towel as of late Kobe Bryant for more than 32, 000 to a dollar, sold for How Didier Mbenga, the only, the GREAT-Belgian-ever, the eea wants to prove to his best friend: “With Kobe, it is also a little piece of me died,” the Widow of Kobe Bryant furious over the leaked photos of the F1 driver celebrates basketlegende Kobe Bryant with a ‘purple’ helmet