‘Dear all. Now we can’t wait any longer.’

How initiated Vaffelhuset in Kerteminde a lookup about the speedy opening of the iskiosken 24. march. And then tipped it in with angry messages.

Even if you from ishusets side had already taken a number of measures for the opening in the middle of coronakrisen, so were many of the rage.

‘after all, We would be at home was said’, wrote one.

‘Our family of 6 has eaten our last is here. So when we come out of quarantine,’ wrote another.

And there were many other similar comments.

It meant, that it was with a proper dose of nerves, holder Jan Møller opened its doors Saturday for the servers the first ice.

“We were nervous on Saturday morning. And we were starting to talk about the alternatives, if there is not somebody came and bought ice cream. It is never fun to be exposed to such a shitstorm, for we have taken a lot of precautions – and it is entirely legal, that we have open,” says Jan Moller to B. T. about the shitstorm, as the New York times first described.

But when iskiosken in California opened its doors on Saturday, could Jan Møller breathe a sigh of relief.

There were met people up out on the sidewalk, where kridtstreger indicates two meters distance.

And the guests were sprung up, even if you are only allowed to be two people at a time inside the kiosk.

“the Opening yesterday went beyond all expectations. And there has also been a fine visit today. People have been good to keep distance, and if it has happened that we have had to ask people to pull back or wait outside, so is it done with a smile,” explains Jan Møller.

He has not seen any of the negative votes, there was to find on the Vaffelhuset Kerteminde’s Facebook page for just a small week ago.

But there are other less positive things that you want.

“We always used to have a bang, when we open for the spring. And even though we are well satisfied, then it is a different pace than we are accustomed to. Usually there can be a variety of people.”

“I hope not, it stays here for a long time yet. We should probably clear it, but it then becomes a lorteår, to tell it like it is,” elaborates Jan Møller.