In the Continental hockey League (KHL) is gaining momentum transfer campaign, which runs under a strict salary cap of up to 900 million rubles. Some teams are very actively involved in the acquisition of trains for the next season and pulled off a number of transactions. Activity show not only the big clubs but also middle peasants with outsiders whose acquisition potentially look at least not worse than the giants. And we can say that with the introduction of the new budget limit in the KHL significantly increases the role of managers involved in selection of artists, and offset by the primacy of financial factors.On the first transfer deals in the KHL shows that the League begins to live in a new reality, in which, unlike the previous model, when many, if not all, in achieving a sports result depended on the thickness of the sponsorship purse, comes to the fore the ability of managers and coaches to gather an efficient team. Hard salary cap of up to 900 million rubles, as expected by proponents of such a limit, created favorable conditions for it, padrauna opportunities for all participants of the League, and even modest in its financial resources, the clubs are already using this tool. So starting in the vastness of the KHL competition on effective management they are not inferior to so-called clubs-the oligarchs, although now, this phrase loses its relevance, and in some ways superior.For example, draw attention to themselves beginners “Sochi”, which is not included in the last regular championship in a play-off. The black sea fleet was released from Swedish League a bundle of forwards “Ferestad” Linus Johansson Marcus Nilsson. The first was the captain of the team, which in itself speaks volumes, and the second was the top scorer and Manager of the last Swedish championship with 54 points on the system “goal plus pass” (12+42). Both have experience of playing for the national team. In addition, Sochi has invited one more worthy of a Legionnaire — Finnish striker hyères Karjalainen, two-time national champion in the “Tappara”, which in the recent championship has shown good statistics — 49 points in 57 games. This season he debuted in the national team of Finland, writing in the asset four points in six games. So, lots of areas where recruitment meets sporting Director Sergei Gomolyako, emerges truly shock link.Several players signed and not able to reach the last play-off Severstal. The acquisition of the Cherepovets club is one of the smallest budgets in the KHL, too, can be called quality. In particular, it joined the ranks of the leading players of “Admiral”, which suspended its membership in the League due to financial problems, canadian defender with an attacking bias Shawn Lalonde and striker Denis Vikharev, who became ��about the championship in 2019/20 second top scorer and a sniper in Vladivostok (37 points in 55 games). In “Severstal” from “Tappara” passed Finnish defender Veli-Matti Whitesnake, who played for the national team in Euro tour, and the offensive line is yellow and black should strengthen the best scorer of the championship Slovakia Czech striker “Slovan” jindřich Abdul. In 53 games the past season he scored 62 points when the utility indicator “plus 41” — even adjusted for the level of competition these figures deserve respect. Moved to Cherepovets and striker Latvia Roberts Bukarts, who had a great season in Czech Extraliga — 42 points in 47 matches for Vitkovice. Interestingly, in “Severstal” recently, not just fired General Manager Mikhail Shchedrin, but also abolished the position and responsibilities for the acquisition of the composition is divided between the coaching staff headed by Andrei Razin and the administration of the club.Meanwhile, it is worth noting the work of the General Manager of “Vityaz” Igor Urickogo. First, he was able to negotiate with the Swedish forward “Davos” Matthias Tedenby, who was one of the most interesting and productive of legionaries strong championship of Switzerland. He has 37 points in 48 regular season meetings of the past. Besides, at the time, he played in the National hockey League (120 matches for “new Jersey devils”) and for the national team (only 23 games), including at the world Cup. Second, the “Vityaz” signed a contract with the top scorer and best player of the Finnish League season in 2019/20 canadian forward Justin Danforth, who scored 27 goals and gave up 33 assists in 56 matches for “Lucco”. In addition, the Moscow club has strengthened the defense of the Swedish defender Linus Hultstrom, who was involved in the national team. Certainly adds solidity “Vityaz” and experienced forwards Kaspars Daugavins with Fyedor Malihini, who came from Spartak.So, Muscovites swapped the “Avant-garde” for his striker Alexander Khokhlacheva such titled artists as Sergei Shirokov. If we assume another newcomer, the former defender of SKA Andrey Zubarev, they acquired a couple of Olympic Champions, world Champions and holders of the Gagarin Cup. Striker Roman Lyubimov, is also honored in the national hockey man who made his name with CSKA, won with the national team bronze medals of the world championship and one season played in the NHL for the “Philadelphia flyers”. Of course, all three now are at the peak of his career and to write them, of course, still early. However, the General Manager “Spartaka” Alexey Zhamnov has gathered a strong legionary brigade. Finnish forward Jori of Lehtera was on view in ” SKA ” and with 30 points among the three most successful players of the teams at the end of last season. Slovak ��Artin Bakosh with 42 points was the best scorer of the “Admiral” (the 15th place in the entire League). Returned and not taken into the main part of the “San Jose sharks” Czech striker Lukas Radios, which prior to departure to North America was considered almost the main star of “Spartacus”. It is difficult to say anything definite about the Swedish defender Emil Deuce, which is found in the American hockey League, but probably not in vain, he appeared in the “Dallas Stars”, where he traded in “Florida Panthers”.Clubs with more serious potolkovaya budgets, of course, also work in the transfer market. Already well strengthened, for example, “Motorist” and “locomotive”. The citizens announced the transition of Alexei Makeyev (the best scorer in the history of the “Vityaz”), Stanislav Bocharov (best sniper “torpedo” in the championship-2019/20), Zahara Arzamastseva (one of the best defenders “Salavat Yulaev”) and Charles Genome (the most effective defender of “torpedo”). The latter lured the leaders of “Barys” goalkeeper Eddie Pasquale and defender of the Atta of Ohtamaa, captain of “torpedo” and two-time winner of the Gagarin Cup Denis Barantsev, Olympic champion Alexey Marchenko, as well as the striker of the first team of the Moscow “Dynamo” Andre Petersson. There are interesting newcomers CSKA, SKA, Avangard, “AK Bars”, and said no more giants her last words. However, the trend is that the competition managers in the NHL is getting much tougher, which should benefit the League.Alexander Ilyin