Berlin – Until a few days ago, dealers and Addicts playing on the U-Bahn station Kottbusser Tor is still relatively undisturbed and dense. Since the regulation, after the one only the two of us on the outside to stop, to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus, trying to be the police now, to make a dash through the bill.

The officers wear in the controls protective gloves photo: Til Biermann

On Friday morning, the two team cars on the square in front of the subway entrances-one of the drug Hotspots of Berlin. A number of officials to go on Addicts and dealers and ask them friendly to keep apart. A policeman says: “We try to be often here to have the regulations to enforce.”

“Because the Bronx is nothing compared to”

An elderly man observed the scene. He, the publisher Thomas Tomczak (70), says to IMAGE that he was normally in this neighborhood. He came from the fine Steglitz, to go with his wife to a special doctor.

With a regular strip of the Berlin police takes care of the drugs, is dependent on the distance. A Passer-by zuFoto: Til Biermann looks at The publisher Thomas Tomczak (70) made it out of Steglitz to the Kottbusser Tor to get photo: til Biermann

He is shocked: “the police is here, is right. As the Bronx in New York is nothing. We hope that the Situation will get better soon. The people should not gather together, for this is the danger of a Corona infection is too great. We have to go now because time three, four weeks.“

The team cars are in the middle of the square photo: Til Biermann

beer parked, you could also drink at home or in pairs in the Park. A good thing to have had his trip to Kreuzberg yet. “I have to get toilet paper, which is sold out in Steglitz for a long time.”

cat-and-mouse game

As the two team, light car with a blue Hermann gen starting place – apparently there is an emergency situation – it takes less than five minutes and the cluster of Dependent is back at the subway exit. The Addiction seems to be stronger than the fear of the Virus.