Actress and producer Kate Winslet encountered misogyny from male investors while trying to finance her latest film, Lee. This is what the star revealed in a recent interview with Vogue magazine.

Kate Winslet worked for several years to find the funds for her film about famous World War II journalist and photographer Lee Miller.

She revealed that several of the investors she met were condescending towards her. “A director told me: “Listen, you star in my film and I’ll find you the funds for your little project.” Little ! Another potential investor asked me why he had to like this woman (Lee Miller)! Men who think their help is needed can be incredibly offensive. »

Kate Winslet also returned to the nudity scenes she filmed in Lee. The actress said she was injured during the first day of filming in Saint-Malo, France. Result: she was unable to train in anticipation of these nudity scenes.

“You know, I must have been terribly fucking brave to show my body like that, without hiding. There were people on the team who told me to sit differently for this or that scene. And I answered: why? “(Because of) some flesh you can see? No, I wanted it to be like this!”

During her twenties, the star received a lot of criticism for her physical appearance, especially after the release of the film Titanic. “I was constantly told my body wasn’t right! »

Kate Winslet also shared her opinion on the impacts of the movement

The Lee film premiered last weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. The feature film has still not found a distributor.