Baker Mayfield has suffered at least 3 injuries

Kareem Hunt, the father of Cleveland Browns backrunning back, took his turn to shoot at quarterback Baker Mayfield during Sunday’s 16-10 defeat to the Baltimore Ravens.

Mayfield was unable to complete his pass attempts due to three injuries. He was 18-for-37, with 247 passing yards. Hunt had only one passing target, and he ran the ball seven more times for 20 yards.

According to FOX8 Cleveland, Hunt’s father, Odell Beckham Jr., ripped Mayfield in a YouTube clip.

“Now, I get people on my Facebook saying that I’m being like obj Daddy. I’m not. I’m stating facts about football. They see he’s limping and scared to throw the ball. They will keep listening. If people don’t like what you’re saying, unfriend me. I have a right of speech I ain’t posting any videos. Have a good day Browns hopefully.” Kareem Hunt Sr.

“Last, I don’t want anybody to be hating on me like I said new QB new situation we could win this game long ago I don’t know how the defense was doing but they did well with three interceptions or more. Please don’t hate me. I told you so.”

The Browns managed only 10 points, but they did pick off Lamar Jackson four more times. Hunt was playing his first game since being hurt in Week 6 against the Arizona Cardinals.

Hunt has 381 yards of rushing on 76 carries and 20 catches for 161 yard.