RPL is the strongest championship in which you played?

Alexander Karapetian: of Course. Although here in Luxembourg, the first three teams are very strong. In the Premier League they could be in the middle, clinging to points against the giants. In General, the championship of Luxembourg is slightly underestimated. Where almost all the players have a job they are after her to go to matches, training. Imagine if these guys were professional footballers, whatever was the level. But they are already quite good play. Well done.

which of your former teammates was the most unusual profession?

Alexander Karapetian: Let me think…Probably me (laughs). I was the chief of the Shisha bar. This is not typical. The rest worked in a Bank, teachers.

frequented bar?

Alexander Karapetian: Happened. Watched that everything was fine. But Monday through Friday I spend most of my time on football. Friday and Saturday will all go to us. We have such a disco atmosphere was. Came the DJ, people were dancing, having fun. Sometimes I had to sit there for 3-4 nights, so no one suddenly starts going crazy. And then, where the fun and all that, people go bananas and start to get up (laughs). Although our security was good. Yes, and I almost all knew, respected. So there were no problems.

And your coaches came into the bar?

Alexander Karapetian: of Course! The coach and the club President. After each victory in important matches, the President said: “Everyone is going to go Quads.” In such cases, I closed the institution, so it was just us.

a Fight before?

Alexander Karapetian: No! Remember, we just opened, and “Dudelange” has won the Cup. So they came to us in the bar with the team that won that match (laughs). Reserved bar 6-7 in the morning, quietly hanging out.

the business generates more money than football?

Alexander Karapetian: of Course. If you thought only about money, would remain in Luxembourg, to earn big money in the business. But I love football and want to prove to everyone that we can play at a high level, in Russia, for example. When come Sochi, I realized that this chance could not be. If I had stayed, all would have then said, “Yeah, OK, this is the guy who was twice voted footballer of the year in Luxembourg, but he never left”.

is It true that you paid for the safe in Sochi?

Alexander Karapetian: will Tell you how it was. I called Roma Berezovsky, who was in Sochi, and said, “Kara, then built a new team, she needed a striker. If you want to try. We at the training camp in Slovenia”. I said ready to fly tomorrow. He was asked to wait while the club decides the issue of tickets. And I storyhe’ll pay for it myself. So did the next day boarded a plane and flew. Couldn’t wait to show themselves, to sign the contract.

Except the “Sochi” some other options were?

Alexander Karapetian: I Have every year had a couple of options. But nothing was arranged. Appealed from the second Belgian League, the highest division of Holland. I rejected them because I didn’t found a stimulus. By the time I bought a beautiful house in Luxembourg, felt right. I needed a project that I won’t think for a second. And when the “Sochi”, I immediately became interested. Beautiful city, a new team, Russia – all of this has me attracted.

Business pay just as much attention as football?

Alexander Karapetian: I sold almost the entire business. Knew that if you went to Russia, for a long time, 2-3 years. And business is in addition to the money and headache. Remained only service to deliver food in Dubai. Called the Happy Box, we do it with a friend. So far, it seems good.

What are football players salaries in Luxembourg?

Alexander Karapetian: Young people receive not much: 1-2 thousand euros per month. A stronger and more experienced players – from 5 to 10 thousand.

do you Like to spend or save more?

Alexander Karapetian: the more you earn, the more you spend. The players love expensive things, which at the end of a career, sometimes nothing. I am a businessman and understand the value of money. Therefore try not to spend money on nonsense. I have two kids, a wife. Here for the sake of staying with them I am willing to pay a large sum. When I played in Monaco every weekend where I was flying. It was convenient: everything is relative cheap and close. To me it is important to have a beautiful home to it was. I would rather have a nice pool where the kids can swim, than an expensive car. I don’t live there, I live at home. I do not understand those who buy ten cars. Why is that? Nonsense. Generally the worst investment is in the car.


Alexander Karapetian: Because you will buy it for 100 thousand euros, but worth the drive out of the garage – as it loses half of its value. And soon.

Tell me where you got this image? Beard, tattoos.

Alexander Karapetian: About the beard talk. At some point, I was almost six months, he was without a team. My friends and I once went to a bar. We liked him and we wanted to buy it. But it needed a major overhaul. And while he was gone, we literally spent the night at the bar. Time was not on a normal meal, not for a haircut and something else. This went on for several months. And when we were going to open a restaurant, I went to the hairdresser. Wanted to get a haircut, shave that beard off. And the master said to me: “Why get rid of the beard? Leave her alone. PU��you will have a new image.” And I said Yes.

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