On Monday it got emotional in the jungle camp. For example, when Djamila spoke about her difficult childhood or Claudia about her dead sister. Candidate Tessa caused some excitement again, Gigi an embarrassing premiere. Day 4 of the show in our FOCUS online ticker protocol.

by Alina Bähr, Rixa Kleymann and Paula Kessler

That was day 4 in the jungle: Jana and Verena gossip about each other, camp mom Claudia complains about the prevailing chaos and Gigi and Djamila have an intimate conversation. The latter shed tears a little later when she spoke to Markus about her difficult childhood. Gigi causes an embarrassing premiere before the beginning of the jungle test, which he has to complete together with Tessa. Claudia talks about her sister’s death. When the food is handed out, there is a fight between Tessa and the other candidates. Even with a full stomach, the waves don’t calm down.

12:10 a.m.: With that, we say goodbye. See you tomorrow (same place, same time)!

12:08 a.m .: Jana has to go to the next jungle test – the spectators have decided. “I would have thought of you last,” exclaims Claudia in surprise.

12:06 a.m .: Cosimo is “maybe”. Verena “would be absolutely ready”, but it is not. And then a miracle: Tessa isn’t either.

12:01 a.m .: The moderators now appear in the camp. They will soon announce who has to go to the jungle test next.

11:58 p.m .: The YouTube asterisk is now bursting at the collar. She storms to the partly sleeping participants. Lucas has no understanding: “We are not the jungle police.”

11:56 p.m.: After eating is before washing up. Papis and Jolina are the lucky ones who have to take on the kitchen work. “Some people are too lazy for me,” says Jolina. “I lack the work ethic. I now understand why some people have such a bad reputation here.”

11:53 p.m .: Back at the campfire, Tessa eats something. “I was really shocked by how skinny Tessa has gotten,” says Lucas, who previously offered her some veggies.

11:50 p.m.: The food package arrives. Tessa is horrified and vents her displeasure away from the group: “I’m already skin and bones. The food is too little.” Before that, however, there was a cheeky comment from Gigi, who was annoyed by Tessa. Is that why the model stormed away from the group?

11:47 p.m.: The participants in the camp are now very excited. Because they’re about to get something to eat.

11:38 p.m.: Advertisement. See you soon!

11:37 p.m .: In any case, the jungle participants cannot do it. You choose answer B), which is incorrect.

11:36 p.m.: Can you answer the following question correctly?

After how many years do you celebrate garlic wedding?

A) after 33.3 years

B) after 35.5 years

11:33 p.m .: The two have earned a treasure chest. This contains a question that must be answered correctly by all candidates in the camp.

11:29 p.m .: Djamila and Cosimo have to go to the exam together. They paint a pretty troll picture. Because they have to slip into a bee costume.

11:26 p.m .: Cosimo, Djamila and Markus listen with emotion. Claudia got help to process the story from a woman, a medium: “She told me at the time that she was in contact with my sister and she just couldn’t leave this world because she blamed herself. I’m supposed to go to church and talk to her and say ‘I forgive you’ – and from then on everything was somehow different.” Cosimo is at a loss: “A medium – I have no idea what that is. I’m guessing a ghost or something. I’ve never seen or heard of any!”

11:22 p.m .: Then she explains how the break happened: “My daughter had such crooked canines and my sister was super mad at me because I had it done in Munich and didn’t fly to her in Mallorca (note the editor: Claudia’s sister was a dentist). She didn’t speak to me anymore – six years! She ended up with cancer and nobody told me that. I then received a letter from your son: ‘Dear Ms. Effenberg, we hereby inform you that your sister passed away on March 18.'”

11:21 p.m .: Back at the camp, Claudia talks about the rift with her sister, who died six years ago. “It was a hardcore number,” said the 57-year-old.

11:11 p.m.: Short break. RTL shows the news.

11:08 p.m.: The two examinees debrief at the river. Then Gigi says about Tessa on the camera: “I don’t want anything to do with her for the next two months. Far too exhausting.”

11:06 p.m.: Now it’s Tessa’s turn. Silently and with trembling hands, she rummages through the bathroom and bedroom, is showered with cockroaches and finds two stars. The time is over! Seven stars!

11:03 p.m .: With two stars in his bag, the 23-year-old finally crawls into the crocodile kitchen and finds three more stars (but not without swearing heavily in Italian).

10:59 p.m .: The tongue-in-cheek reptiles don’t interest Gigi at all. If one is in the way, he carefully lifts it to the side. His biggest challenge are the knots that attach the stars. He curses: “Oh maaann, you with your knots.” The incorrect use of the plural immediately caused amusement among the moderators.

22.58 Uhr: Here we go again!

10:47 p.m .: Twelve stars are hidden in the supposedly cute four-room dollhouse. Gigi must first search the ground floor, then Tessa the top floor. The two stars have ten minutes for this task. After his farts premiere, Gigi starts searching the mini living room full of snakes. We’ll find out how he does it after the advert.

10:43 p.m .: “It’s going to be a pretty tight box, but in the end there are twelve stars,” explains Jan Köppen Tessa and Gigi now their jungle test “doll horror”. “Dolls – easy,” Gigi says confidently and lets one go in the middle of the moderator’s explanation. “Has anyone ever farted in front of you just before a jungle exam?” Jan Köppen asks Sonja Zietlow, amused, who says no with a laugh.

10:36 p.m .: Markus accompanies Djamila to the toilet so that she can change there. It’s about Djamila’s difficult childhood: “For me, this is a double challenge. I often had to starve as a child,” she tells the NDW legend with tears.

And further on the jungle phone: “I came to my grandparents when I was six months old and my grandparents were both alcoholics. Back in the days of the GDR, there was money from the state for me – actually for board, clothing and food. My grandparents always spent that on alcohol. I didn’t even have bread at school. I then often did the homework for others, in return I got their food. So I’ve known from a young age what it’s like to be hungry. It opens old wounds. I was never protected.” Then Djamila says to Markus: “I’m glad you’re here. So age-wise and intellectually.”

10:31 p.m .: Verena and Claudia gossip about the condition of the camp: Jolina’s cigarette box is on the floor, things are scattered, here is a toothpaste case, there the poker on the floor – like a lumber room … Camp mom Claudia falls from faith away. Verena: “That’s why I said ‘no’ to the jungle camp for ten years, because I knew that it would look like this here.” Living with Marc Terenzi seems to have left its mark – or why else did Verena after all these years said “yes”?

10:26 p.m .: Gigi and Djamila whisper in another corner. “Have you ever had sex in front of the camera?” she asks him. He agrees: “Then you can only see the ceiling.” Djamila finds that unbelievable and shakes his head: “This is the new generation…” Hmm, is that really the reason?

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