The website of an Orthodox Jewish high school in New York was apparently hacked and filled with anti-Semitic images, including swastikas and imagery of marching Nazi soldiers, and racial slurs.

The North Shore Hebrew Academy High School was redubbed the “North Shore Hebrew Death Camp” during the appalling cyberattack, which lasted for several hours on Monday.

More pictures from the hack.

HAPPENING NOW – a Hebrew Academy in Great Neck (Long Island), NY is being hacked!Nazi songs, imagery, messages continue to be posted. They have also leaked students’ and teachers’ addresses and credit card

The non-profit foundation shared some of the disturbing imagery posted to the website, including marching SS soldiers, references to “The k**e race,” and a children’s song that had been edited to include a reference to the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp where over 1.1 million people were killed.

Pictures posted.

“We are horrified that hackers have targeted a Jewish school and exposed children to horrific Nazi imagery and messages,” said Liora Rez, director of

“Many of these teens are descendants of Holocaust survivors, and generational trauma is often triggered when events like these occur.”

To make matters worse, the personal information of students and teachers at the academy, including names, addresses, and credit card data, was also compromised and leaked online by the hackers.

By Monday afternoon, the school’s website had been taken down, with the only remaining visible content being a message reading, “Under construction. Please check back soon.”

Headmaster Daniel Vitow confirmed that Nassau County Police have launched an investigation into the apparent hate crime.

The hack took place halfway through the Jewish Hanukkah celebration, which began on Thursday December 10 and will continue until Friday December 18.

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