After the divorce from her husband, singer Jasmin Wagner is now expecting her first child. Father of the unborn is a Danish fashion entrepreneur. The joy is huge, says the 42-year-old.

Singer Jasmin Wagner (42), who became known by her stage name “Blümchen”, was with her husband for ten years, and the separation followed in 2020. She has been in a relationship with a Danish fashion entrepreneur for a year and a half and is now expecting her first child, as she tells “”.

In the interview, Jasmin Wagner explains how the desire to have children came about: “I came back from a long trip. We missed each other so much for the first time and knew we were ready for the next step. It then worked surprisingly quickly, right on the first try. And we are more than happy about it.” And she says: “This deep longing only arose in me now.”

All of this is new territory for both of them: “He is very loving, we are both experiencing this for the first time. The greatest adventure begins now.” They don’t yet know whether it will be a boy or a girl: “The gender has been on a small piece of paper in my wallet for a long time. We haven’t opened it yet and are waiting for the right moment.”

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