WOW! The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Los Angeles Chargers in a spectacular playoff game. The game begins as a nightmare for quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the NFL’s Wild Card Round. But he leads his team to an incredible comeback win.

Trevor Lawrence must have felt like he was in a nightmare. Whatever he did, wherever he threw, the ball landed on the opponent. His first career appearance in the NFL playoffs got off to a gruesome start.

The young Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback threw four interceptions in the first round of the postseason against the Los Angeles Chargers. In the middle of the second quarter, he brought just as many balls to his teammates as to his opponent. A statistic of horror. Chargers cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. alone haunted the mind of the huge talent and intercepted three passes from Lawrence.

It looked like a historically poor start for the 23-year-old, who led his team straight to the playoffs in his sophomore year in the NFL. The record for interceptions in the playoffs is five – just one inattention and Lawrence would have stopped him.

The Chargers were already cheering exuberantly on the sidelines in the second quarter. In the stands at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, horror erupted. In the meantime, the Californians led 27-0. The Divisional Round was within reach for the Chargers.

Then the miracle began.

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Before the break, Lawrence put his team on the scoreboard with a first successful drive. After a total of five turnovers (in addition to the four interceptions, there was a fumble on a punt return) the first sign of life.

In the second half, one of the biggest catch-up races in professional football began. Lawrence swept across the lawn as if he had been changed, brought one ball after the other to the teammate. The quarterback showed all the talent that so many experts acknowledged before his 2021 draft.

He is a generational talent. One who will dominate the league for years to come. The Chargers now got a first impression of what that can look like.

After four interceptions, Lawrence threw five touchdowns, also surpassing Bolts playmaker Justin Herbert. The guests from LA became increasingly conservative, they hardly trusted themselves to do anything. Herbert’s offensive didn’t make any big mistakes, unlike the Jaguars, they didn’t make a single turnover, but they didn’t move the ball consistently after the break. That was severely punished.

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With just under five minutes left, Lawrence found receiver Christian Kirk in the end zone. Instead of shooting the extra point, head coach Doug Pederson, unlike his opponent, showed courage and self-confidence in playcalling and opted for the two-point conversion. That was successful, so the Jaguars shortened the lead to 28:30. A field goal would now mean victory and not compensation for a possible overtime.

And so it happened. The Chargers had to leave the field after three plays and Lawrence got the chance to promote his team to field goal range. With the clock running out, kicker Riley Patterson got lucky. The miracle was perfect. The third-biggest comeback win in playoff history was perfect. The Chargers now have the nightmare.