the Concept of the Grand Prix behind closed doors, represented by Formula 1 meets the requirements of the Ministry of health to combat the spread of coronavirus, – reads the statement of the Minister of health Rudolf Unsober. – It implies strict sanitary measures, regular tests and examinations for the staff of the circuit and teams. As in the case of the model matches football Bundesliga, which we consider as a model for team sports, this is a very specific rules, providing a high level of protection.

to compensate for the late start to the season, cancellations and postponements of the race due to pandemic coronavirus, the owners of the races and the organizers of the Grand Prix of great Britain also agreed to conduct two stages on the track “Silverstone”.

Together with this new format in Formula 1 want to test another unconventional idea, which, according to the owners of f-1 from “liberty Media” could improve the entertainment. At a meeting with International automobile Federation (FIA) and teams were asked to replace Saturday’s qualification sprint race with reverse start. That is in the first position will be pilots “Williams” at last “Mercedes”. As a result of arrival will be created starting grid of Sunday’s race.

the Idea received the support of the FIA, but to make such amendments to the regulations of Formula 1 team should also vote in favour. And unanimously. And unanimity in such matters is unlikely to achieve. The best team of the championship, “Mercedes”, for obvious reasons, immediately spoke out against such a scenario. Similar reactions are expected from “racing point”, which uses the powertrain of the Mercedes.

meanwhile, the FIA race Director Michael Masi had to fend off the creative thoughts of the fans, who for the sake of diversity offered to go on the tracks of Formula 1 in the opposite direction.

– it Was funny to read these comments – quoted Masi GPblog. – All racetracks, all the infrastructure – walls, flags – organized given the fact that cars go in a certain direction. You will need an astronomical amount of work to rebuild.