The International Olympic Committee (IOC), has Monday afternoon announced that, due to the corona virus delayed the Olympic Games will take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021. The Paralympic Games will take place from August 24 to september 5, 2021. This extends to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics, in turn, a year from 2021 to 2022.

The international olympic committee stated in its press release, the three reasons to see the Play, almost exactly one year, to allow them to continue. First of all, we want to be the health of the athletes and all those involved are protected. Then you are in the best interests of the athletes and the olympic movement, and cited the global international sports calendar sports.

“Through the years, we have to take as much time as possible to set ourselves up to be ready for the changes brought about by the corona virus causes”, the international olympic committee. “In this way, it will be in the sports calendar sports as little as possible disturbed, and there is still plenty of time to have the qualifications to complete it.” It has already been confirmed that all of the athletes who have qualified for the Olympic Games in 2020, which will also be the delayed version of the Olympics.

world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics from 2021 to 2022

the new data came in, the Play, in the way of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics, which is scheduled from 6 till 15 aug 2021. For this reason, the international athletics federation announced the world cup by a year. “Everyone needs to be flexible, and be willing to compromise. That is why we are now with the organisation of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics in Oregon on the new dates of 2022 for us the world cup”, what it sounds like.

the Tour de France (2-25 July) and world CHAMPIONSHIPS (July 16-August 1) are in conflict with the new date of the winter Olympic Games.