In the Ukraine war, Russia is currently gaining considerable territory in the Donbass. These are causing concern for numerous military experts, especially with a view to the future plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “If he manages to get the Donbass under control at this rate, I’m not sure if he’ll be happy with that,” said retired Bundeswehr General Roland Kather in an interview with “Welt”. “That’s just the minimum goal.”

From Kather’s point of view, another goal that the Russian ruler will definitely want to maintain is the land bridge to Crimea, which will make it possible to supply the soldiers and civilians there.

Only a change in the course of the war in Donbass could change the situation, believes the former general. If “Ukraine can restore a stalemate there. But I don’t see that at the moment, also because there is a lack of heavy weapons.” However, Kather does not currently see an attack on Kyiv, which numerous military experts fear, coming.

The expert also sees in Donbass that the war “has changed qualitatively. The complex obviously conducted operation is now leading to a predominance around Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and Sievjerodonetsk.” He also explains exactly why these cities are so important. “They are all on the banks of the Seversky Donets and are important because they allow the attack to continue in any direction.”

In an interview with “Welt”, Kather also sees a change in Russian strategy in general. “They pulled together all available forces and created a clear superiority locally, maybe even regionally. “His prognosis for the cities mentioned is bleak due to the new Russian Armed Forces vote. “Here the Russians have a clear advantage, you have to expect success.”

The retired general can also explain the apparently indiscriminate attacks by Russia on various cities in Ukraine. “Putin is using weapons everywhere to spread fear and terror and stir up unrest. So he leaves Ukraine in the dark about what he actually wants.”

Heavy weapons such as multiple rocket launchers, which President Volodymyr Zelenskyj again requested from Ukraine’s partners on Sunday, could also help Ukraine in a possible turnaround in the Donbass. Kather explains why that is. “To put it jovially, you can keep the enemy at bay with multiple rocket launchers.” According to the expert, shelling of point and area targets is possible with a range of up to 90 kilometers.

In addition to the military, the rocket launchers also offer psychological advantages. “They fire twelve rockets within a minute, that leaves a huge impression,” says Kather, but also mentions a problem that complicates a possible delivery: “From the MARS, the Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (in the Bundeswehr as a medium artillery rocket system), the Bundeswehr doesn’t have that many either.” According to the ex-general, the Bundeswehr has 22 copies of the MARS II.

Gradually, more and more superyachts owned by Russian oligarchs are disappearing from the tracking systems of the world’s oceans. Many of the yachts were last spotted in the Maldives. Then owners are said to have switched off the “Automatic Identification System”, revealed a research by the British “Observer”.