“Free!!!” is the headline in the right-wing conservative newspaper “Libero” and celebrates Giorgia Meloni as the savior of democracy, mocks the rivals who have never been united, puts into perspective what is probably the lowest turnout of the post-war period – less than two thirds.

This reflects the division of a country now at the mercy of populists. The Fratelli d’Italia will rule, and the social democrats and the political roller coaster ride of recent years are not entirely innocent of that. But to what extent will they liberate Italy? And above all: from what?

Meloni itself is a living paradox. She will be the first female head of government in Italian history. Such a progressive event and at the same time so reactionary. Ironically, a woman who makes politics against women, keyword: abortion; which threatens a confrontational course against Europe, according to the motto “Italians first” – I’ve heard that somewhere…

Italy is striving for more national decision-making power, wants to impose conditions, but has always been happy to accept Europe’s (and Germany’s) money – including empty promises in return. In times of crisis, of all things, we should pull together and stand up compactly and resolutely against Putin. Instead, an EU founding member could rock the historic union.

As a native Italian, MOPO editor Ivan De Vincenzi was also allowed to vote in the parliamentary elections. He follows the political events in his home country intensively, also from Germany.

And a woman of all people who is committed to the roots of her party and who has never completely condemned fascism, who has Orbán and Trump as great role models, is partly responsible for this. Giorgia Meloni throws Italy back decades.

Trigema boss Wolfgang Grupp doesn’t understand why the Germans suddenly regard Vladimir Putin as a mortal enemy. He believes that the US controls everything behind the scenes and is the only winner of this war.

The original for this post “Right shift in Italy: This woman is throwing my country back decades” comes from Mopo.