A holiday in Greece turned into a nightmare: instead of relaxing by the pool, a family was apparently struggling with food poisoning.

A family from Great Britain has had a horror holiday. Instead of relaxing on Rhodes, Greece, the father and two sons had to go to hospital. This is reported by the Manchester Evening News.

The family had booked an all-inclusive holiday. But after just a few days, the dream of a wonderful break was shattered. The two sons (7, 5) became ill. “As soon as they drank a sip of water, it immediately came back up,” says mother Melissa (30) according to the “Manchester Evening News”.

Four days after their arrival, they had to go to the hospital. The children needed infusions. They were a greenish-gray color, Melissa reports. The hospital also confirmed that it was food poisoning. Then came the next shock: Melissa’s husband Bradley (28) collapsed in the hospital. He was also put on a drip.

According to the “Federal Association of Food Inspectors in Germany” (BVLK), food poisoning occurs “through the consumption of food that has been spoiled by toxins or pathogens (such as bacteria).” Symptoms include stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

Back at the hotel, they became ill again. Finally, the family flew home on May 22nd – even though the holiday wasn’t actually over yet. The flights, medication and hospital stay cost the family £1,000 (around €1,200). “It was a nightmare,” said the 30-year-old about the holiday.

A family from Lower Austria was also disappointed with their vacation – one child even injured himself. They spent their vacation in a five-star hotel in Egypt. There were a number of problems with their hotel. Among other things, according to the father, only two of the seven pools were full. There were also loose pool tiles. One child is said to have been injured by them.

A couple from the USA also got a shock after their holiday in Switzerland. They received a cell phone bill for $143,000.