Israeli court temporarily banned the transfer of Russia Aleksandrovskoe Podvorie in Jerusalem

Israeli court temporarily banned the transfer of Russia Aleksandrovskoe Podvorie in Jerusalem Israeli court temporarily banned the transfer of Russia Aleksandrovskoe Podvorie in Jerusalem / Tikhonov Mikhail

the Orthodox society of the Holy Land, considers itself the successor of pre-revolutionary Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society, filed a lawsuit against the transfer of Russia Alexander metochion in Jerusalem. In this regard, the Jerusalem district court issued a temporary ban on the transfer of the property.

filed a Lawsuit against the State of Israel, the Russian Federation and the inspector General of registration of real estate in Israel, writes the Marker. The plaintiff’s lawyers emphasize that in 1991, the courts of Israel and new York recognized the Orthodox society of the Holy Land the legal owner of the Aleksandrovsky monastery, and the state has no right to pass an object to a third party.

Aleksandrovskoe farmstead is within tens of meters from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and is the only Russian facility, which is located within the Old city of Jerusalem. The land on which the farmstead, was purchased in 1859 from the Coptic clergy.

After 1948, the compound came under the control of the “Russian Orthodox community of the Holy Land”, and after a split in the organization controlled by the “Russian Orthodox society of the Holy Land” led by German citizen Nikolay Vorontsov-Hoffmann. In the courtyard also have long claimed the Imperial Orthodox Palestine society, headed by Sergei Stepashin.

currently in Germany and Russia, there are two different organizations with the same name of the Imperial ppravoslavnoe Palestinian society, as the Soviet authorities resumed the work of the organization, despite the emigration of most of its participants. In 1992, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation adopted a decree on the “restoration of historical names of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society.” Followed by the Ministry of justice recognized its historical successor of the IOPS.

In 2015, former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev ordered to issue legally all the rights of Russia to Aleksandrovskoe farmstead and the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Jerusalem. The necessary documents were transferred to the Ministry of justice of Israel, which chose no action to take.

In January of this year it became known that Israel is 30 December 2019 issued documents on the law of Russia on a farmstead. This happened on the background of the negotiations to pardon Israeli woman Naamah Issachar, convicted in Russia for 7.5 years on charges of drug smuggling.

assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Yuri Ushakov said that the decision on the yard “is in line with the good relations established between our countries and personal relations between the Prime Minister [of Israel] and the President.”, The Russian Embassy in tel Aviv to “Interfax”, previously explained that it is “not about transfer of ownership rights to Aleksandrovskoe farmstead and the resumption of property rights “Brilliant powers of Russia” to the object, as it appears in the Ottoman registration document”.