It’s 2008. Amy F., a 15-year-old Irish woman who lives with her family in Spain, leaves a friend’s house in the municipality of Mijas on Spain’s Costa del Sol. There she spent the night.

But she doesn’t arrive home with her mother Audrey, her brother Dean and Audrey’s partner Dave. Actually, it would only have taken her a few minutes to get there.

Since then there has been no trace of her – nobody has heard or seen her since that day. The police investigation was soon dropped. However, Amy’s family is trying with all their might to keep them going.

The family believes Amy was killed the night she disappeared. They regularly commemorate Amy with vigils in her home in north Dublin. They are also calling for the police investigation to continue. For the family, the case is not closed.

Now Amy’s aunt Christine Kenny received an anonymous letter. This is reported by the British “Mirror”. The letter states where the remains of Amy F. are said to be buried.

According to the letter, Amy was buried in a stable near an old racecourse in Fuengirola, Spain, just 10 minutes from where she disappeared. The then 15-year-old was buried “in the fifth stable, in the fifth block next to the water tank of the old racetrack”.

This is not the first indication of this kind. The family received similar information last year. At that time, the family received information about the racetrack by telephone from a so-called “underworld figure”. However, the most recent contact is said to relate to a different stable and be more specific.

However, the Spanish police did not investigate further. Amy’s family took the letter as an opportunity to urge the Spanish authorities to finally search for their missing Amy. The case should be upgraded to a murder investigation, the family said.

In an online petition, the family is fighting to ensure that “cold cases” (unsolved criminal cases) like that of Amy F. are not forgotten. They demand that relatives of missing persons abroad automatically have the right to a review of a “cold case” for the entire EU at intervals of one year, five years and ten years. The families are said to receive regular reports from the police.

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