Kyrie Irving will play in a Brooklyn home game on Sunday. He also appears to be planning to continue playing home games for the Nets in years to come.

Irving spoke to reporters after Brooklyn’s game-day practice in Miami. He said that he is comfortable being part of the Nets and wants to continue playing with Kevin Durant.

Irving has a $36.5million player option for next year. If the Nets offer such an agreement, Irving could choose to opt out and sign a five-year contract for as high as $246 million.

Irving stated, “I love it there.” Irving said, “Once summertime arrives, I know we’ll have some discussions but there’s no chance I can leave my man 7 everywhere.”

Durant, who wore jersey No. 7 for Brooklyn

Irving’s remarks came just one day before he was scheduled to play his first home match for the Nets in this season. This is because Eric Adams, New York City’s mayor, exempted performers and athletes from the city’s coronavirus vaccination mandate. Irving and the Nets will host Charlotte on Sunday after Saturday’s Miami game.

Irving stated that he was not vaccinated. This has meant that Irving is only eligible to play road games for the Nets ever since joining the team in January. Some have criticized Adams’ decision, as the mandate of the city still applies to many workers like teachers and police officers.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York, stated this week that the mandate was not necessary for celebrities.

Irving said he understood why Adams’ decision could be interpreted as a double standard.

Irving stated Saturday that he believes there are many people who are facing the real consequences of being unvaccinated. “I don’t believe it’s been talked about enough in terms our essential workers, and people on the frontlines.”

Irving could be extended by the Nets, which would give them $560 million to promise three players.

Durant’s $194 million, four-year extension with the Nets begins next season. He will remain under contract to Brooklyn until the 2025-26 season. Ben Simmons, who was acquired from Philadelphia earlier in the season but has not made his Nets debut, is still under contract through 2024-25. He owes $113 million for the rest of his deal.

Irving stated, “I look at the long-term.”