Actually, Steffen Hallaschka (51) wanted to talk to jungle queen Djamila Rowe (55) on his show “stern TV” about her experience in the Australian jungle. But then both were surprised by an uninvited guest.

A stranger from the audience approached the stage and suddenly stood next to Hallaschka and spoke about wrestling: “Did you actually know that WWE is fake?” By WWE he probably meant the organizer “World Wrestling Entertainment”.

But the moderator stayed cool and replied to the troublemaker: “You want to storm into the show and just place a message? I would recommend just sitting down again.” Shortly thereafter, two security guards led the man off the stage. Hallaschka even made the connection back to his interview partner and finally said in the direction of the stranger: “You know what? That’s a good application for the jungle. Maybe try again there. And when you come back, we’ll talk about whatever you think is right.”

Jungle Queen Djamila was much more irritated than the moderator and asked him: “They were cast now, right? […] Are you serious now?” asked Rowe, who was probably just as confused by the situation as the viewers in front of the screens. “If anyone else needs proof, we’re live,” joked Hallaschka later.

After this brief incident, the moderator and the jungle queen were still able to talk undisturbed. “I was who I am – authentic. I didn’t play,” Rowe explained her secret of success. “Don’t plan too much, just do it. […] I don’t have to be loud to be seen.” She had to think of “DSDS” cult candidate Menderes (38), who won the tenth season in 2016.

Rowe said a lot of “things off my chest and that did me good” on “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” She had probably “never cried as much as there in her whole life”. At the same time, the show was a great experience for the 55-year-old: “The jungle camp was the best experience in my life for me.”

As open and down-to-earth as Rowe had been in the TV jungle, she now spoke to Hallaschka about beauty procedures, among other things. She has hyaluronic acid in her lips and “again a bit exaggerated”. Rowe is happy when it gets less again. “For me, one or the other has gotten a bit out of hand.”

Djamila Rowe had previously stated that she would continue to get her groceries from the discounter – despite her prize money of 100,000 euros. “I shop at discount stores. I’m a bargain hunter,” she confirmed again. “I really don’t touch my prize money at first.”

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