On September 7th, Apple will introduce the new iPhone 14. The rumor mill has been churning for months. There are numerous assumptions and speculations about what will change with the coming generation. We summarize here for you which specs we are currently assuming.

It is considered likely that there will be four versions. These include the two small models iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and the larger versions iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The display of the small models should be 6.1 inches, and the larger ones will be 6.7 inches. Contrary to what was initially assumed, only the Pro models will have a 120 Hertz display with an always-on function. In all likelihood, Apple will not present an iPhone 14 mini this year. The smaller model has often sold poorly in recent years, which is why the manufacturer will probably remove it from the line-up.


According to forecasts by Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo, the processors in the standard models will not change. The A15 Bionic is to be installed here again. The two Pro models, on the other hand, should get a new A16 Bionic. There should be six gigabytes of RAM for all models. However, only the Pro models get the faster LPDDR 5 memory. The main memory should also be increased. There is talk of up to two terabytes for the Pro models.

So far there is little information about the cameras. It is currently assumed that, like the predecessors, the standard models will be equipped with a dual camera and the Pro versions with a triple camera. The main camera on the Pro models could have a 48-megapixel lens for the first time. The front camera should again have a notch at the top of the screen, at least on the standard models. The Pro models, on the other hand, could be a pill-shaped recess.

According to Kuo, the selfie camera is significantly improved compared to its predecessor. So there should now be an autofocus for the first time. In addition, the aperture will probably be increased from f/2.2 to f/1.9. This should ensure better recordings in low light conditions. iPhone users will probably continue to have to do without USB-C, as “iDropNews” reports. Unlike the iPads, the well-known Lightning connector will continue to be used here. However, the transmission speed will probably be increased to that of USB 3.0.

The prices are currently still the biggest secrets of the coming iPhone generation. However, it is often assumed that the price of the larger models should be higher than that of the iPhone 13 generation. Recently, a price increase of 100 dollars compared to its predecessors was under discussion. The smallest iPhone 14 model could be the only model that does not get more expensive compared to its predecessor.

In addition to the iPhones, Apple is also likely to introduce new smartwatches. According to current rumors, the Apple Watch Series 8 will not be a major update to its predecessor. Shape and size will therefore remain the same. However, a temperature sensor is probably new. This probably recognizes when the body temperature rises, which can possibly be used for cycle tracking in women.

An S8 chip works inside, but it shouldn’t bring a big boost in performance compared to its predecessor. To save battery, a low power mode should be integrated. Some insiders are also expecting a feature that can detect imminent car crashes.

In addition, Apple is likely to introduce a new high-end watch, which will probably be called Apple Watch Pro. This should get a completely new design, possibly with a flat display, but no flat edges. Observers expect that the Pro model will be a bit more stable and larger and get a longer-lasting battery. The price for the new Watch Pro should range between 900 and 1000 dollars. In addition, the Pro version gets all the features that come with the new Watch Series 8.

For music lovers, Apple will probably also introduce an updated version of the AirPods Pro. However, it is still unclear whether the headphones will come at the September event or whether they will be presented later in the year. In terms of design, not much should change compared to the predecessor. The integration of the “Find my” function should be improved, and the charging case will probably contain holes so that a sound can be heard if you lose the in-ears. The AirPods 3 acoustics ensure better sound, and the updated H1 chip ensures better performance.

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