What’s new to brighten up your home? We asked two interior designers, Lysanne St-Laurent and Isabelle Bilodeau, to tell us about the latest trends in interior design.

The white wall (and shades of white) remains a must for many people, but if you prefer a wall with a little more texture, you opt for mineral paint. “We are asked about it very often, it is a painting that contains mineral links, it comes from Europe and it is very popular. It can be tone-on-tone or with more or less intense movement,” says interior designer Lysanne St-Laurent, who co-founded studio Vives St-Laurent with Laurence Ouimet-Vives. It also evokes tadelakt, which comes from Morocco, which is a lime plaster and polished. “Complex craftsmanship and a more expensive process, which is impermeable; it can also be applied in a bathroom and a shower, for example,” she explains.

“Concrete also invites itself on our walls. Lime finishes and waxed concrete are natural products that require the expertise of a craftsman for application. The texture and shades on a large wall or around a fireplace create an enveloping and warm effect,” says designer Isabelle Bilodeau.

An entrance, a bathroom, a games room or just a wall of a room, it is mainly in these places that we will put wallpaper. “It will brighten up a room and create an atmosphere,” thinks Isabelle Bilodeau. “There is a great diversity of patterns, trees, leaves, birds, more geometric patterns, you can also use tone-on-tone wallpaper, a linen texture, for example, on all the walls of a office, to create a cozy and calm space,” says the designer, who advises using wallpaper sparingly. Wallpaper has improved, it is now easier to apply and remove, but be careful, you have to ask a professional to install it, because you don’t want any creases. “Wallpaper provides additional sound insulation which is not to be overlooked. »

We love to make finds! “Having a piece of furniture that is unique in your home is very appreciated. Whether it’s a retro armchair, a chair, a small table, a lamp, it often breaks the contemporary aspect of a decor, and it gives cachet in addition to bringing a retro touch to it, “says Lysanne St- Lawrence. “Some websites, like Centerpiece, Morceau or Maison Singulier, specialize in retro furniture. They can search for unique pieces from designers, they can also have sofas upholstered or create certain pieces. They find classics that never go out of fashion, it can be a reissue of a piece of furniture, you can really make great finds. »

“More and more people are asking to hide their TV when it’s in the living room. There’s Samsung’s Frame TV that looks like a painting and blends into the background. The TV is super thin, you can choose a white, black or wooden outline, you can put a work of art, it acts as a painting and you can’t see at all that it’s a TV” explains Lysanne St- Lawrence.

“There are basic images that come with the purchase of the television, but you can also take an annual subscription which offers a library with many choices of paintings, from classic to contemporary, there are photos, paintings, we adapt it to the decor and we change according to the seasons and our desires,” adds Isabelle Bilodeau, who has a Frame television in her living room.

Metal is now well anchored in fittings. “It adds a lot of style. We interpret it in various applications, we can make doors, furniture, glass cabinets, stairs, but the watchword is that we must not exaggerate. Avoid getting it everywhere. Having a good balance between materials is always better,” advises Isabelle Bilodeau.

Wood is a timeless classic, whether for wooden furniture, tables, floors, bookcases… “A wooden wall, wooden panels, it’s warm, and acoustically, it’s decreases ambient sound,” adds the interior designer.

Concrete, for its part, is growing in popularity: “Concrete is a beautiful product at a reasonable cost. We saw a lot of floors, but also tables, counters and sinks, there is a wide choice of colors or terrazzo, for a look with more punch. »

Beautiful curtains dress up a room. “There are the wave curtains, which are on a track, we choose them in neutral tones and in linen in particular to give an appearance of grandeur. What comes from Europe are curtains in transparent fabrics, but colored – yellow, mint, blue – the color and the transparency give a very hazy look. Curtains in a room are functional and aesthetic, it gives fluidity, and there is a real enthusiasm, especially when you want to create intimacy, “says Lysanne St-Laurent.

Ultimately, you have to bet on a timeless style and quality materials that will last. Both designers also believe that our home should reflect our personality; we must not hesitate to personalize our house with our favorites.

“It can be nice floor lamps or pendant lights. It takes basic general lighting, but to create an atmosphere, you can dare to buy a beautiful and large light fixture, it makes all the difference in a room. Above the dining room table, avoid cool white, and opt for warmer lighting; don’t hesitate to buy a dimmer,” says Isabelle Bilodeau.