Many pharmacies offer a so-called immune card for a fee as an alternative to the digital vaccination certificate in the CovPass app. But what is behind the offer and what free alternatives are there to the plastic card, which costs almost ten euros?

Behind the immune card is a young start-up from Leipzig that wants to offer a durable and robust alternative to the digital version or the paper certificate issued with vaccination with its physical proof in the form of a credit card.

Many pharmacies already offer the “immune card”. The offer is aimed at anyone who does not own a smartphone or would like to have a physical alternative, for example in the event that the smartphone battery runs out.

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However: For the robust and physical proof of vaccination as an alternative to the free printout and the digital version in the CovPass app, around 10 euros are due.

Anyone who doesn’t mind and wants such an immune card for their wallet or keychain can get their personalized version from the start-up’s website or from participating pharmacies.

Not only the name, date of birth, number of vaccinations and the vaccination date are printed on the back of the card, but also the same QR code that is shown with the digital proof.

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It can be easily checked for authenticity and validity with the CovPass check app, for example when entering restaurants or other events. It makes no difference whether the proof is presented in digital form, as a printout or on a plastic card.

The major disadvantage of such an immune card is that it cannot be easily updated or expanded, as is the case with the digital version in the Corona-Warn-App or the CovPass.

For example, anyone who has the immune card issued after the second vaccination must have an additional new card issued after the third booster vaccination. For this and each additional immune card, 7.40 euros are due.

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But the immune card can also be made yourself with just a few tricks – albeit not quite as professionally as the Leipzig start-up offers. To do this, simply print out the QR code of your digital proof. A printout of the proof can be created in both the Corona-Warn-App and the CovPass. You can then cut this out and laminate it.

To create the print version, click on “Show certificates” in the CovPass, select the last vaccination and click on the “Create EU printout” button. In the Corona-Warn-App you also open the latest vaccination, click on the “More” button and create the print certificate here.

If you like it a little more individual, you can also insert the QR code into a Word document, for example, and then add your name, birth and vaccination dates. In the event of an emergency, if the mobile phone has been forgotten or the battery is empty, this proof can be kept in your wallet and shown if necessary.

It is only important that you always have to show an identity document with both the immunity card and a self-created proof.