Social network Instagram regularly blocks a variety of hashtags, when the automatic system or the moderators notice that they do not meet the rules of the community. However, hiding a post with the mark “#sea” was for many Russians a surprise.

Tuesday, may 5, for unknown reason, any attempt to go to the page where this tag began to the appearance of system pop-up “anything We can do to help?”. The accompanying text States that the publication of this tag supports the “behavior that may cause harm or even death.”

The app offers to psychological help — talk to a friend, contact with social service or study the relevant recommendations. However, the content that is tagged “#sea” still can be seen, you only click on the “show posts”.

As a rule, the social network hides like a warning record that really connected with violence. But why this happened now is unknown. Perhaps this is a result of a failure in some sort of automatic moderation system. As writes the edition Rozetked, at the time of publication, a detailed explanation of the situation from Instagram is not received.

This is not the first such case, the earlier “sea” was blocked in August 2019. Support service noted that some tags can be blocked for violating the rules of the community, but as a result of periodic inspections, they can make freely available if prohibited content is found.

Users will, of course, began to joke and build theory. Someone ties a lock of a hashtag with various dangerous social games like “Blue whale”, and someone joked that in the period of self-isolation photos of the most picturesque places on the planet can be truly traumatic. In any case, English the tag #sea still available.