With rising prices, more and more people are trying to save even in small places. With a new atomizer nozzle from Ikea you use up to 95 percent less water. Read more about this here.

This summer has shown that in order to conserve resources in times of drought and water shortages, in addition to major measures, consumers need to be willing to change many small things in everyday life. This is sometimes not easy, but it also helps to save money. To make it particularly easy to save water in the bathroom, IKEA has developed the ÅBÄCKEN spray nozzle in partnership with the start-up Altered Company. It is suitable for all IKEA mixer taps, but can also be fitted to most commercially available mixer taps and is said to cost 4.99 euros in IKEA stores or in the online shop (see IKEA).

IKEA promises the nozzle can drop water flow down to 0.25 liters per minute in mist mode and 1.9 liters per minute in spray mode. This would mean that ÅBÄCKEN would save up to 95 percent water in mist mode and up to 66 percent in spray mode compared to the usual mixer taps. Ideally, this would also save energy for the preparation of hot water.

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Our assessment:

The ÅBÄCKEN atomizer nozzle ensures that when water is removed, a minimum quantity comes out as a spray jet or “mist” with the highest possible pressure. This ensures better rinsing results and the tap is closed more quickly. And the nozzle is cheap: it can really save you a lot of water with little effort and at low cost. It is particularly practical that in most cases you do not need new fittings, and the atomizer is also suitable for most commercially available mixer taps.

A small limitation of this otherwise really good water-saving principle could be that you have to descale the nozzle more often if you live in an area with particularly hard water. Since CHIP is located in the Kalkwasser stronghold of Munich, a practical test is already being considered. As soon as the test is completed, we will inform you about our results here.

The original of this article “5-euro product from Ikea saves up to 95 percent water” comes from chip.de.