The innovation conference DLD (Digital Life Design) starts in Munich on Friday. Under the motto “Reality Rules!?”, international experts will speak about technological, economic, social and ecological change. FOCUS Online is live on site.

2:49 p.m .: Haas wishes that projects such as cell phone masts or wind turbines could be built faster to drive innovation. Like the example of Elon Musk, who set up his factory in Brandenburg shortly, while the construction of a mobile phone mast sometimes takes up to 6 years.

Spain is a pioneer in Germany when it comes to the expansion of fiber optics. Germany is lagging behind here: “Other countries are way ahead of us when it comes to such expansion issues. The expansion and supply of users in Germany must also become a more important issue in the government,” said Haas.

2.35 p.m .: The Bavarian minister is now being replaced by Markus Haas from the CEO of Telefónica Deutschland Holding.

2.30 p.m .: Gerlach emphasizes the opportunities that digitality opens up for us and how important it is to exchange ideas about these opportunities.

2:25 p.m.: The Hubert Burda CEO is now being replaced by Judith Gerlach, Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs. “I prefer to stay behind the desk. After all, I’m a politician,” she laughs.

2. 5 p.m.: Weiss enters the stage to applause. “I hate standing behind desks,” he excuses himself and stands in the middle of the stage. The CEO then goes into the changes associated with the corona pandemic and says: “We don’t know how things will continue.” The same can be said about the current war in Ukraine.

“But mankind has always managed to save the world. There are two reasons for this: First, there are clever people who can inspire with their ideas. Second, people are willing to come together. To look for solutions together. And for me that is also the DLD. People come together to talk and share and make a difference. It will be about the big issues of the future, such as climate change…”

2:15 p.m .: “Now I have the opportunity to introduce you to a new man,” announces Czerny after her greeting. “Martin Weiss, the new CEO of Hubert Burda Media”.

2 p.m.: Here we go! A cheerful Steffi Czerny welcomes all DLD participants. “Two years full of screens… Now we can finally see each other again.” After the first event in 2005, the DLD is now taking place for the 17th time.

11 a.m.: After two years of a forced break due to Corona, the DLD 2022 can again take place as a face-to-face event. It starts at 2 p.m. when DLD co-founder and boss Steffi Czerny welcomes the participants. Afterwards, lectures are expected from, among others, Judith Gerlach, Bavarian Minister of State for Digital Affairs, Christina Foerster, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Belén Garijo, CEO of the pharmaceutical company Merck.