Infected with coronavirus, a doctor of FC

Infected with coronavirus, a doctor of FC Infected with coronavirus, a doctor of FC “Reims” committed suicide on the isolation

Infected with the coronavirus, the doctor of the French football club “Reims” Bernard Gonzales committed suicide in isolation. 60-year-old man was in isolation in his apartment with his wife.

According to the newspaper Parisien, in the suicide note, the doctor tied suicide with infection COVID-19.

But the mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, personally knew the doctor and announced his death, refused to disclose the contents of suicide notes Gonzales.

“He was a professional, all he was appreciated and recognized his service. He was the indirect victim COVID-19. His test was positive, he was quarantined in his apartment. I know that he left the explanation of his act, but I’ll leave it without attention,” – said the publication of Robin.

Atteint du Covid-19, le mdecin du Stade de Reims sest suicid

Choc immense au sein du club de football : Je lui ai parl la semaine passe et il n’a jamais voqu ce sujet, explique un membre du club. C’est incomprhensible. Quel drame

— Le Parisien (@le_Parisien) April 5, 2020

France recorded 90 087 cases of infection with coronavirus. 7 562 people were killed. National championship suspended due to a pandemic. “Reims” after 28 games occupies the fifth place in the standings.