Individuals and businesses can provide credit vacation

the Delay provided to individuals, individual entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses affected by the pandemic.

Photo: iStock the state Duma adopted the law on criminal punishment for violation of quarantine

According to the head of the Duma Committee on Anatoly Aksakov Finance, citizens and businesses will be able to contact the lender with the requirement to set holidays for up to six months. It can be done if the income of the citizen for the previous month decreased in comparison with the average monthly income of last year by 30 percent or more.

– While the grace period that is established for the borrower can defend by day requirement for 30 days on home loans and 14 days for consumer loans, – said the MP.

the Bank or other credit institution should consider the applicant’s appeal within five days. And apply including by phone. The documents confirming that the borrower actually decreased revenue, he can submit 90 days after treatment. This is true if the person is in quarantine or not allowed to transfer the documents for other reasons, explained Anatoly Aksakov.

Photo: Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS Putin instructed to defer tax payments for small and medium business

However, if after 90 days the Bank receives the documents the former credit agreement in effect and shall include all obligations and sanctions.

Cass● holidays for businesses, they will affect the industries that are most affected by the pandemic. The list of such industries to represent the government of the Russian Federation. To obtain a deferral, a business must apply to the lender, and it also in five days to consider the statement.

Amendments to accelerate decision was issued for the second reading to the bill on the powers of the Central Bank to improve the financial literacy of the population and entrepreneurs.

it is Expected that the state Duma will consider the bill in the third reading on 1 April.