The Indian Defense Ministry has reported taking a Chinese soldier into custody near the Demchok area of Ladakh, which is disputed by the two nations.

The soldier, identified as Corporal Wang Ya Long, had strayed across the Line of Actual Control, the de facto border between India and China, the Indian ministry said. He was provided with medical assistance, food and warm clothing, and will be returned to the Chinese side after formalities are completed.

BREAKING: Statement just out from the Indian Army. Chinese soldier Corporal Wang to be returned after formalities. (The situation notwithstanding, the Indian Army is a moral, professional army.) @IndiaToday

The Chinese military have sent a request to investigate their missing soldier’s whereabouts, the Indian side said. China would not immediately respond to the story, which was first reported by the Indian media on Monday. But media sources in China indicate there is no competing perception of what had happened on the Chinese side.

Based on what I know, one Chinese soldier was detained by Indian side, very likely because of getting lost. Indian side has a positive attitude. The soldier will be returned to China. The issue should not cause new tensions in the border area.

The territorial dispute between China and India, which stretches back for decades, escalated this year with a series of border clashes and other incidents reported. One of the more serious violent clashes left 20 Indian troops killed in the Galwan Valley in mid-June. China reportedly lost personnel as well, but the exact death toll was not officially disclosed.

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