Food prices have been rising steadily for months. This is particularly noticeable with bread: As the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports, the price in the EU has risen by 18 percent in the last twelve months and has thus reached the highest level ever measured.

The main reason for the extreme price increases in recent months is Russia’s war in Ukraine. Both countries are major exporters of bread-related commodities such as grain, wheat, corn, as well as oilseeds, sunflowers and fertilizers.

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According to data from Eurostat, the price increases for bread are hitting Hungary particularly hard: Here the price of bread has risen by 66 percent within a year. At 17.5 percent, Germany is just below the EU average.

Even if the prices in the bakeries have already risen, the operators cannot pass the increased costs on to the customers in full. Many bakers are now sounding the alarm because even economically healthy businesses fear for their existence. We have summarized more about this for you in this article.

Doctor and audience favorite Johannes Wimmer moderates several formats on NDR. Now the public broadcaster is ending the collaboration with the doctor in one division. The reason for this is “conflicts of interest”, but also the recent crises of fee-financed television.

According to the German Association of Pharmacists, medicines ranging from fever syrup to cancer therapy are becoming more and more common in Germany and are not available for longer. “More than 250 funds are currently reported as non-deliverable”.

Strange case in the USA. A customer in a café tips 3,000 euros but wants the money back a month later. The café doesn’t let it sit – and goes to court.

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