A man storms onto the field during a C-Youth game between Berliner AK and SC Staaken and chokes a 15-year-old after he fouled his son. Now the sports court is negotiating the attack. An investigation by the public prosecutor’s office is still possible.

The sports court of the Berlin Football Association (BFV) is hearing on June 7th about what happened at the C-Youth game between the Berlin Athletics Club and SC Staaken. The BFV announced this on Monday at the request of the German Press Agency.

At the game on Saturday on George Floyd Square in the Post Stadium, a father choked the SC Staaken player on the field after a foul on his son and threatened people rushing to help. The football association will not comment on the ongoing proceedings.

According to the police report, the 47-year-old father is said to have choked his son’s 15-year-old opponent around 11:20 a.m. after a foul on his son and grabbed his neck. When spectators rushed to help, the father is said to have pulled out a knife and indicated stabbing movements. A knife was not found after searching the man and the place.

After his personal details were determined, the man was released. The 15-year-old had refused medical help and was handed over to his parents. The police initiated investigations into dangerous bodily harm against the player and attempted dangerous bodily harm against the spectators. It is still unclear whether the public prosecutor’s office will take action, the police said on request.

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