Lots of talent, endlessly long legs, blond curls and an enchanting dialect: the then 17-year-old Austrian “Kiki”, Chiara Hölzl, should still be well remembered by many fans of “Germany’s Next Top Model”. In the 10th season – the finale had to be canceled and resent due to a bomb threat – she ended up in a good 8th place, which she herself described as “super awesome” in an interview on “dieoberoesterreicherin.at”.

In the same interview in July 2015, Chiara “Kiki” Hölzl also reported that the underwater shoot was the biggest challenge for her: “I was wearing a dress with a 10 meter long tutu. A rope was attached to my thong. It was very uncomfortable when they pulled me out of the water.”

Given her latest revelation on TikTok, another challenge from Heidi Klum’s show would have been an option.

On TikTok, Kiki, with a photo book in hand, reports on the “rugby or baseball shoot” and asks: “Did you actually see that in the series that I broke my arm during the shoot?” The answer is given Then she herself: “I don’t think so. They hid that!”

To support her words, Chiara points to a burly man in the photo, “the very, very tall one, who was about 2.50 meters tall”. He jumped on her “tender little arm”, which was really “mega painful”.

In the meantime, the accident does not seem to have been forgotten, but the fracture has healed well.

And while “Kiki” hasn’t been in the public eye lately, you can see on Instagram that she still enjoys modeling.

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