Archaeologists have discovered in Turkey evidence of the existence of the ancient Kingdom, the winning of king Midas.

As reported by the portal during the expedition researchers from the University of Chicago found a stone with inscriptions made in the Luwian language. This ancient Indo-European language belonging to Anatolian branch, and has been used in this region since the fifteenth century BC.

After decryption and translation revealed that the inscription on the stone describes the victory of a people over the legendary king Midas, According to legend, the king Hartau conquered Phrygia — the Kingdom of Midas. The analysis also showed that the inscription was composed in the late eighth century BC, about the time of the reign of Midas.

We had no idea about this Kingdom. In one moment we got brand new information about the middle East from the bronze age. This stele was amazing, incredibly successful discovery — but this is only the beginning, said archeologist James Osborne.

Scientists still unknown what the name of the Kingdom itself and its capital. It is believed that this Empire existed between the XIV century BC and VI century BC It makes the capital the unknown state is one of the largest ancient cities in Turkey the bronze and iron ages.

Wrote archaeologists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have discovered a unique subject at the site of the ancient Canaanite temple in the city of Lachish. The artifact is a bronze scepter, decorated with silver and decals, length slightly more than 11 cm and width 4 cm.

According to experts, the scepter is all that remains of the great statue of the God, which in ancient times adorned the temple. The artifact was discovered in a place considered Holy of holies in the Canaanite temple

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