One reason for the high mortality rate from coronavirus among African Americans is the proximity of their residence to the infrastructure related to fossil fuel extraction. This drew the attention of a member of the American environmental organization Third Way Jared Dives. In part, these insights are deprived of the arguments of those who believe that vulnerability to COVID-19 can be predetermined by race and genetics.

Mortality “coloured” population from a new type of coronavirus is associated with many reasons, but one of the least noticeable, is it exposure to air pollution, Dawes writes in a column for the newspaper The Hill. This is because due to historical factors of African Americans live closer to the areas where mined fossil fuel. Thus, the study in 2017 of the National Association for the advancement of colored people and the Task force on clean air says that many of the African-American community in the United States face “a high risk of cancer due to emissions of toxic gases”. According to these estimates, the air you breathe areas with a high concentration of the black population, does not meet generally accepted quality standards. In this regard, the incidence of asthma is quite high in African-American communities. According to the statistics, African American children have up to 138 thousand asthma attacks per year. This leads in the aggregate to 101 thousand lost school days annually.

The degree of air pollution correlated with mortality from a new type of coronavirus. A month ago, Harvard researchers found that even a slight increase in the toxicity of air affects the increase in the number of victims COVID-19. And installation for the extraction of fossil fuels are one of the main reasons for this deterioration of the environment along with other pollutants. It is interesting that approximately the same relationship was, for example, installed in 2003. Then the study found a correlation between the degree of air pollution and mortality due to atypical pneumonia, which is often compared with the new type of coronavirus. Therefore, the ecological situation is one of those problems that the Federal government is demonstrating skepticism about the processes of global warming could begin to resolve at the present time, concludes the representative of the Third Way.

African Americans make up 80% of the victims related to the spread of COVID-19, in Washington. Approximately the same data in Chicago: 72% of those who died from the infection in this city, was also dark-skinned, despite the fact that their share among the total population — 29%. As suggested Daves have a high mortality rate among the “color” of U.S. citizens there are other explanations. For example, African Americans are among the major staffing REShungry, which provide the vital infrastructure in American cities during the pandemic. And they have the least access to quality medical care and appropriate food. Blacks also suffer more than other part of the population due to obesity and diabetes, which are diseases of poverty. This adds some doubt that vulnerability to COVID-19 may be determined genetically. The reason on the basis of these data it is possible to consider the General state of immunity, which depends on their residence and social status. However, this is unlikely to dispel the skepticism of the White house about climate change.