In the state Duma explained what a quarantine is different from isolation

– self-Isolation is when the maximum number of people are at home and have no contact among themselves, – explained the member of the Duma Committee on health protection, doctor of medical Sciences Boris Mendelevich.

Photo: iStock In Moscow, created an app for monitoring compliance with quarantine

This mode was introduced in the regions for all residents. The Deputy advised the citizens for a forced, one way to combine several cases and, ideally, out to the store or the pharmacy every few days. You can negotiate with the neighbors, if you have Pets to walk them in turn.

Quarantine is different from this more lenient regime. It implies strict requirements and applies to positive people or those who have a suspected infection. In Russia, the quarantine imposed by the letter of the chief sanitary doctor of 18 March 2020 in respect of all arrivals from abroad, he said. This mode require the returning citizen doctors.

Mendelevich also told how to behave to those people who are not sent to the mode of isolation, as they have socially meaningful work.

– the Person must be in the mask, gloves, – said the doctor. – The distance between people it is desirable to maintain 1.5-2 meters, but not less than one meter. You want as often as possible to wash their hands or use their septic solution.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Mode isolation in Moscow: questions and answers

the Explanation is important that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law that increases criminal and administrative liability for violation of sanitary regulations, including quarantine. Maximum terms up to seven years – can be assigned in the event of serious consequences.

And offenders of the regime of isolation are imposed very different penalties. Their “framework” adopted by the state Duma, but the specifics are determined by the regions. As previously wrote “RG”, the Moscow city Duma has already adopted a decision on the subject.